Movies Galore takes a look at director Antonio Padovan’s short film “Socks and Cakes” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


A Kimistra Production directected by Antonio Padovan from 2010 is a short film about Harry.

Harry was once married to Amanda a director who then married Richard well their having a small dinner party where they were supposed to be numbered six but Harry is once again alone from a partner… things haven’t been right between Richard and Amanda for years… and Sophie a good looking young woman has been brought to the party by a freind named Dave…


I think this is a film about dreams,  dreams of what could have been and what one has to go through as sometimes the jobs we work at suck the dreams right out of us.

Though Tim Cox is once again somewhat in a lead role in a sort of Clarissa Explains it all way and though I think that he did a decent job in his role as Harry the loner ex-husband I think that I enjoyed Kirsty Meares role as Amanda here…  there’s a pain of loss not lived that I feel she portrays with Ellegence… and a sense of sadness that draws me to her plight.


I don’t want to tell the whole film but I enjoyed this film all around as we were left thinking things would just fall into disarray… as it were I’d certainly recommend this film as it’s a look into something like a dinner party where everyone pretends to play nice…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Harry Mogulevsky, Kirsty Meares as Amanda, Jeff Moffitt as Richard, Ben Prayz as David, Alex Vincent as Sophie.


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