Movies Galore takes a look at director Lee Loechler’s short film “Choosing Sides” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Though I don’t know the production company Lee Loechlers Short film “Choosing Sides” is a laugh riot to me…

Petter and Ellen are from two different religions as the sit down to dinner with their son and try to tell him the pros and cons of each religion… they both work eachother up in a frenzy trying to convince him that the others’ religion is better while their in for a big surprise…


I think the back and forth banter was certainly over the top inappropriate on purpose. part of the charm I imagine.

I think Loecher was trying to hit on the funny bone while trying to show a religious personality and the problems that parents have to face on decisions with their children as well as some of the belief systems that seem to be somewhat guiding those who are in the faith with their religions.  It’s as if he took a scholarly debate and brought it down to a level where a child can pretty much surprise us with his knowledge.

I think this was funny and entertaining and enjoyed the acting from all three characters, it made me smile.  I’d certainly recommend this film to the short film lovers out there. Enjoy!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Peter, Rachel Lynn Jackson as Ellen, Max Abe Plush as

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