Movies Galore Takes a look at Ghanaian director Committee’s “Wrong Way” feature film parts 1& 2 from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So I’ve been exploring films from Ghana, Africa as of late and I came across a young man from Ghana from Africa who does special effects for films and sells some of the films that either he’s acted in or from directors he’s worked with so now I’m looking at one of the first films that intrigued me from the films he was selling called “Wrong Way.”

What helps is that many African films speak English but it relatively is hard to understand them because of dialects but I’m willing to try.

Bright to us and presented by Sasha Multi Innovations and Committee Films this feature is in four parts.  It took me awhile through exploring what we as Americans would consider sequels or Television because they consider everything they film a movie.  But I would consider parts 1 and 2 in American terms Wrong Way 1 but they have the films in 4 parts.


So through the credits we see woods and the camera circling a hooded man but the film looks like it begins in an aerial shot upside down bring in focus a road where a van carrying at least 15 to 20 people driven by their Master so I’m assuming the man driving was a teacher or professor and these young people are apparently on vacation.

The group looks like there are hiking down a path and after a time sit in a group and one young man in the group wonders why they chose this forest for vacation when there are man more nice places To go besides this place…

It is around this area of Conversation I see the Name Charley reference to play some music…

Unbeknownst to the relaxing group some decaying looking men are watching the group, one of them holding a knife, a little funky because at first they seem to get down with the music, the group notices them and begin to scream and run all but one girl escapes.

The two deviants drag the girl screaming off into the woods… next it’s night we see headlights apparently a Their ride to check on the group as they have not recieved payment for said trip…

Next it appears a group of small town gangster have just pulled off a heist of sorts congratulating eachother on their loot… the next target is walking into a mall two gangsters are sent to stalk said target…. things go awry it seems as Ghana police have caught onto their tale and the getaway vehicle runs out of fuel as they are forced to charge into the same group of kids had gone into earlier.

Only 5 of the group have seemed to stick together in one area of the woods and 6 followed by Charles in another area both groups seem to be lost and watched for now there are 7 bloodied and decaying looking men one with flopping man titty’s but definitely out to kill…


I don’t want to tell it all but there’s Something about the Scorpion Character I’m beginning to like… I’m thinking that this group of wood Killers is fairly similar to our Wrong Turn series’s.  I’m finding that the world of African horror films are pretty much where they take their own actors and portray their own ways of telling the stories of films.

I don’t feel that in any way they are ripping off the films by imitating ours but more like paying tribute and telling it with their actors.

My problems with the film or films so far is that I have to pause the film to read the subtitles as their not on the screen for long… but I’m able to get the gist… I’m still half way through part one but the reason why I like the Scorpion character is that he surprised me as a leader of the gang knowing some Kung Fu of sorts that though looks b-ish by looking impossible still made it humorous so far as I’ve seen.

It is rather weird to see a film in four parts but as I understand the film more the more wackier it seems….

I myself am enjoying this more as a B movie though it does resemble our Wrong turn series a little as there is a character who does go around and shoot arrows it’s a woman not a man…

Do I think horror fans would enjoy these films… I think that the practical effects and the semi action could be looked at as goring and cool looking enough… and yes to begin watching African Ghanaian horror films I would recommend though because the subtitle are off I wonder if people here would pay as much attention as I am… enjoy!

Starring Mama Kali, Kyinkyinaa Twan, Andrews Ako (Scorpion), B-Tayler, Daniel Nsiah Adom, Ishmael Karajj (Koo Red), Eric Essien (De Don), Sarkodie (A.T.),

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