Movies Galore takes a look at Terrorvision directors Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleene’s short film “Slime” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Bright to us by Terror Vision productions directors Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleene, Rob being actor of Bride Zombie comes from a background of special effects that works to his advantage…


The story follows a man which you don’t learn his name until the credits but he’s walking throu the woods, obviously outside when he witnesses a metoor streaking the the air so he follows to where it lands….

I have to say something about the area of woods used in the first segment of the film he definitely picked a decent location as some of the cinematography of the place was incredible…

What really enjoyed about this film was his use of practical effects as the story progresses Drogan finds a rock that glows and emits a sticky substance and ends up taking said rock to his residence but by that time his skin itches and his skin is turning green with puss…


The part where his bodie disintegrates and disappears was great you get to see his body melt not that unlike in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark scene where the Ark of the covenant was opened….

I also think that it was unique to have Alex Wesley from Russia director of Tumors and Zombie Infection as he’s kinda made a name for himself as well..,

Ultimately i enjoyed this short and want to see more of what he can do I think onthe budget he had probably done the best he could to leave the rest up to the imagination.  Too many films use terrible cgi and forget to use it sparingly…

I’d certainly recommend this short film to the practical effect horror film lovers out there and as I said I’d like to see more of his work accomplished! Well done sirs!

Starring Lieve Deneckere as CDC chick, Ceus Rob as Drogan, Eddy Van de Putte as
CDC guy, Alex Wesley as CDC Receptionist.


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