Emir Skolanja releases much more than “The Plague” with his concept film idea about a mob hitman named “Jericho” says Movies Galore!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Fox Trot Productions director Emir Skalonja, the man who brought us (The Butcher, Flesh of My Flesh, The Plague 1 and 2) comes Jericho who is a man on the edge being that he’s a mob hit man is asked to do a job something goes wrong his wife is killed and this is his revenge story…

In the first trailer we see a couple of men looking like their talking in a church about seeing if a job was done on killing whom I think is Jericho while the trailer apparently shows scenes of Jericho and his wife, a man in some Elton John/ Mr Fantastic type shapes. Swords and guns…


In the second trailer we see what appears to be Jericho standing in a mirror reflecting while we see shots of Some shootings and shots of his apparent wife… being held this time being a little more focused on Jericho… so it’ll be interesting with the blood splatter I saw will look like in the film cause from the looks of the effects they seem better than what he’s done for us in his “The Plague” hopefully you enjoy the Trailers and help support indie film makers! I don’t know about you but I’m certainly curious…

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