Movies Galore Takes a look at director Zachery Lapierre’s short film “Dirty Books” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Pitch Forg Film Director Zachery Lapierre is kind of a Ferguson Explains it all meets Ferris Bueller type of short film where the main star a quirky Carrot topped freckled no-kid runs a school newspaper as his professor (Cox) tells him that he’s dropping the paper because of funding, the internets cheaper so tells David he can write a blog.

What ends up almost throwing in the towel by force turns into a series of pranks that David just so happens to have an inside scoop of but his competitive sports writer got the scoop on him instead.

What I enjoyed about the film was it’s rebellious statement yes David Broke a lot of rules but in his mind he got respect and will be remembered no longer a nobody…


I think this a comical story and think the director picked the right kid to play the role… Though Cox played the supporting role as the Professor Noah Bailey kinda stole the lime light in this film…

I certainly enjoyed this would reccomend the film community see it definitely was lighthearted with spirit!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Dr. Bradley, Noah Bailey as David Burrough, Alice Everhart, Amy Desrosiers, Sierra Borden, Heather Jablonski, David Gralenski, Lliam Carlton, Kelly Stannard, Amber Magin, Noah Lapierre, Isaiah Lapierre Owens, Rebecca Hughes, Danny Pelc, Kyra Holmes, Kylie Kuhn, Chris Everhart,
Kate Marion Lapierre, Jonathan Hunt,
Alice Murphy, Rachel Pelc, Chester Hardina-Blanchette, Christine Perham,
Michaela Lindsey, Ansley Berg as
Charlotte, Dante Giramma, Maggie Tirrell,
Thomas Perham, Sara DiPaolo, Peter Garbus, Kylee Mason, Neva Newcombe, Laura Campbell, Jack Conant, Calvin Conant, Sophie Garbus, Asia Litell, Tyler Campbell, Carly Yon.

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