Movies Galore takes a look at director Mathew Mahler’s short film “What Jack Built” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by 8mm Film director Mathew Mahler filmed in 2015… i am becoming aware this director enjoy’s working with Cox as in “To Be Alone” later on but I figured I’d go back and give “What Jack Built” a look.

As the film begins we are either in a garage or shed or basement as it looks like a workmens station and Jack (Vox) is intent on what he’s building, blueprints and all…


What he buillds out of wood slates and electronics just laying around is something he brings out to the woods and then sets up a security system made of screens to lay in and wait… but for what?

I actually enjoyed this film though Jack didn’t talk there was anticipation and Ingenuity.  I think that there was an energy in Cox that led you to believe in the mysterious… im not saying that it was the greatest film but it was pretty smartly put together… makes you wonder exactly what happens to Jack…

I enjoyed this short film and I recommend it as well to some horror enthusiasts it’s not scary by all means but you have to see it to believe it!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Jack.

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