Movies Galore takes a look at director Mathew Mahler’s short film “To Be Alone” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by 8mm Productions director Mathew Mahler whose previously filmed shorts are “What Jack Built” (2015), “Vault” (2014), and “Dark Romance” (2013).

The film begins as a man named William (Cox) sits alone in his home. My guess is that something’s happened that he is alone… the phone rings as a sheriff calls while it appears he somewhat sits around the house listening to self help and religious infomercials…

I don’t want to tell it all but as I’ve seen Timothy Cox before in the short film “Here Lies Joe” it appears we see William go through a period of what I would call human withdrawal… as a man going through the motions we see him almost take a biblical meaning of the dragging of the cross to Gethsemene to another level…


Im actually neutral on this film I neither disliked the film nor did the film have any real affect on me but I do wonder exactly what happened to Williams significant other… I do however believe we see a perfect display of Cox’s ability to portray an aloneness that sometimes we all feel a human emotion.

It was entertaining I guess I’ll leave the viewers to the choice of enjoying the film…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as William, Maggie Kurth, John Mahler.

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