Take a journey with us as Movies Galore looks at director Eric D. Howard’s feature “Voice From The Stone” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


In a mouthfull, from Momentum in association with Producer Capital Fund in co-production with Code 39 Films as well as being a Zanuck Independent Film director Eric D. Howard brings to us a beautifully crafted film with excellent cinematography in my mind as well as a gothic tale of love…

Voice begins as the boy in our story Jakob (Dring) is speaking to his dying mother as she tells him another woman will come along you will know her by the love she shows you so listen to my voice in the stones in the walls…

Enter Verena (Clarke) is a woman who is like a nanny whose works with children by staying with family’s as a way of living a sort of companion. Seven months Jakob has not spoken so Verena leaves one position to apply for the job of trying to get the boy to Speak.


Upon arriving Verena is greeted by a caretaker/ butler of the grounds as well as  Jacob and his father Klaus (Csokas) well refined and reserved Klaus thinks that she’s exactly like the others soon Verena realizes both boy and father are haunted by mother and wife…


To make matters even weirder Verena is visited by an old woman named Lillia (Gastoni) whom turns out to having been a spirit and as well becomes the naked muse of Klaus as he is a sculptor and had begun sculpting the body of his wife before her late death…


As the puzzle grows deeper as much as deep as the quarry that Jakob keeps disappearing to Verena realizes that the mother is speaking to the boy as well as trying to speak to her to look out for her family but will she be able to make the boy speak before she befell’ the same fate…

I think this is a very original story as I think the area location was extremely beautiful and had something to do with the quaintness and the antiquity of the film which placed it in the 50’s,  I think as well the person involved with the clothing of the cast should be recognized as well making it a time piece.  I think this is the best film I’ve seen this year.

Its not that it’s scary or really that horrifying it’s romantic and haunting in the best way possible.  I really enjoyed this film it’ll definitely be remembered by myself and I recommend the film to horror fans. Cheers!

Starring Emilia Clarke as Verena, Marton Csokas as Klaus, Caterina Murino as Malvina, Kate Linder as LaVecchia, Remo Girone as Alessio, Lisa Gastoni as Lilia, Edward Dring as Jakob, Giampiero Judica as Carlotta’s Father, Antonella Britti as
Carlotta’s Mother, Nicole Cadeddu as Carlotta.


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