They’re In The Woods! As Movies Galore takes a look at 80’s Throwback Monster debut Feature “Gnawbone” from director Darrin Means for 2016!

Written by David Strege


So I now take a look at a successfully kickstarted project directed by Darrin Means with Banana Jar Productions and lo and behold this little film has a gut clenching feel of the 80s with some flair…

First off I like that his lead actor is an African American named Tony Bartele playing Tommy this shows the diversity at which this film maker will allow.  Tommy has lost his mother to a car accident, a father who left early and as the beginning of the film portrays a grandfather that was killed before his eyes by a grizzly or so the cops think but never really find out exactly what happened…

So to find some closure his therapist and freinds want Tommy to go back to the woods to face his fears only… his fears are all to real as the blood begins to spill…

I totally think the music written by James Thompson totally went with the 80s hair metal scene packed with the tape deck and the boom box I’m already in love with this film paying tribute to the 80s with style.  The acting of all the actors and actresses were decent too even Charlie Bruce playing Scott a total bully of sorts the jokester of the group? I got used to and could deal with his shannagans.

The characters were believable, human I felt very sympathetic towards Tommy (Tony) was very expressive and showed a lot of emotion. As well as the girlfriend of his best freind Matt…

Certainly enough of heads that rolled and guts that spewed to make it a cult classic in the making. I’m digging the Gnawbone Creature and the music behind I definitely recommend this creature film for all you horror fiends!

Starring Tony Bartele as Tommy, Scott Blake as Crazy Old Man, Charlie Bruce as
Scott, Peyton Cunningham as Girl on Campus, Dave as Worker at 13th Floor, Holly Deckert as Customer at Bar, Ryan Fennell as Boy on Campus, Jonathan Garlinghouse as Gnawbone, Daniel Grube as Customer at 13th Floor, Heather Schwartz Grube as extra at 13th Floor, Katie Harbridge as Julie, Alex Jorck as
Gnawbone, Daylan Konkle as Young Tommy, Derek Kunzman as Matt, Coty Lawson as Customer at shop, Jensen Riley Lynch as Gnawbone hand / bar extra, Mindy Mannix Thompson as extra at 13th Floor, Dakota McIntosh as Crazy Young Man, Darrin Means as Gnawbone, Haiden Means as Gnawbone, Kiah Means as Customer at shop, Katy O’Brian as Lisa, Trent Persinger as Gnawbone, Micah Petersen as Gas Station Worker, Ransom Pugh as Professor Davis, David Stover as
Professor on Campus, Ron Wells as Tommy’s Grandpa, Kassey Worcester as
Customer at shop.


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