They’re back with more Blood! As Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skolanja’s sequel feature “The Plague 2: Biohazard Blood” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Fox Trot Productions once again is a sequel to a laid back Zombie Epidemic film that was definitely politically inspired called “The Plague.”

In September look out for a VHS retro looking dvd with Underground Gorellector films!

So the first seven minutes or so are kind of a replay of events that transpired….

Here we have several groups of survivors, some dressed in military Dermot and Peggy along with a trigger happy gunman, many foraging for food and supplies…. evidently having gone on for several years we are watching as a group surveys some abandoned buildings running into the occasional Zombie…


Meanwhile Becky (Skolanja) and Jill (Metzger) have survived and are traveling together Becky haunted by her brother and Jill haunted by her Jack… having become scavengers I think that this time they are definitely getting into their roles.

I’m beginning to appreciate the first film a little more because of this sequel for I feel the characters have grown a bit since the first film as this really is about keeping going and surviving at least the spirit of the film.


I think that there’s another factor at play here though as with Dermot as he goes after Jim and his daughter for trying to escape their group there are cliques that have risen in this apocalyptic world that you almost feel more sorrier for the undead because you should be able to go where you want at the end of the world.

More of a reflective atmosphere this isn’t a great film but it definitely has better acting and I enjoyed this film better than it’s predecessor again I get that obsessed atmosphere with Dermot’s group funny how they were talking people would come when they forced some of their own to return not a very welcoming atmosphere…


Ultimately I enjoyed the film definitely recommend it to horror enthusiasts it’s not a fast paced film again but I feel it works to set the story line and certainly enough for the gore enthusiast so well done!

I’m looking forward to future projects from Emir so hopefully you’ll be bringing a third installment I’d be interested in seeing if you could certainly pick up the speed I do like you do have an edge. Enjoy!

Starring Mirela Ajdimovski as Zombie, Michael Balch as Dermot, Rob Bickert III as Zombie, Linda Bickert as Zombie, Madelyn Bruno as Survivor, Tyler Cheman as Leland, Mitch Cochran as
Nick, Jamie Colby as Zombie, Nicholas Duerr as Marlow, Katherine Fudge as Survivor, Leah Glendenning as Zombie, Michelina Houlihan as Survivor, John Karyus as Zombie, Amira Keeton as
Alissa, Damien Keeton as Jim, Kain Kinsley as Zombie, Bethann Kosowski as
Zombie, Robin Lalisse as Zombie, Justin Majderich as Lyle, Joshua McDonald as
Jack, Devon Metzger as Jill, Lori Dolan Meyer as Peggy, Jose Rivera as Steve, Rich Ruiz as Tom, Krystal Shenk as Miranda, Nicole Skalonja as Becky, Bill Smith as
Zombie, Amy Walek as Cecilia, Joshua Weir as Zombie, Zachary Weir as Zombie, Nathaniel William Wilkins as Father.


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