Things get even stranger as Movies Galore checks out director Stuart Wheeldon’s Short film sequel to “In Limbo” called “The Telephone” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


In 2014 director Stuart Wheeldon from the U.K. of Nine Ladies Films began a trilogy of short films that introduced us to a strange creature called the “beck” in the first film “In Limbo.”

Returning to this world that he’s created is Nigel Barber as Max… Max appears to be involved in creating a form of a painting using splatter art… while obviously being a little in his own world almost mad I would say…


I would also say we are introduced to another man Richard (Deegan) who has apparently returned to some rooms that appear to be haunted by the spirit of a woman he’s lost…


Both men have an agenda, both are insane.  Both have a connection to a constantly ringing telephone… and one will pay a price but whom…

I think that Stuart Wheeldon has definitely pulled through on this sequel as I helped contribute to it so maybe I may be a little biased but I still wanted to write something up about this.


I think that Nigel Barber was a great choice to play Max as his performance was eerily creepy and spot on insane as well as the darkly played Journalist Richard played by Bernard Deegon.

I think the story line is intriguing and will make the audience wonder where it is going. I enjoyed the film and recommend it for horror fans.

I’m extremely proud to know this director and look forward to future efforts!

Starring Nigel Barber as Max, James Cullen as Newspaper Victim 1, Rachel Prince as Jane, Bernard Deegan as Richard, Magnus William Hansen as
Newspaper Victim 3, Elizabeth Matterson as Newspaper Victim 2.


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