In a post-apocalyptic world Movies Galore takes a look at Director Trey Shults feature “It Comes At Night” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by distribution company A24 and directed by Animal Kingdom productions director Trey Edwards Shults is a somewhat post apocalyptic world set in a some what plagued world although you don’t exactly find out what “It” really is…

I’ll explain… the film begins with a death I’m assuming a grandfather of the family living in this somewhat abandoned looking property all boarded up…


Only one way in or out was th limited food supply Paul (Edgerton) provides and protects his family.  Now not that I’m trying to be racial or anything but there is a woman and her teenage son, Sarah (Eljogo) and Travis (Harrison Jr.)  whom are African American and Paul is white but that’s not really part of the story line just something I noticed….

I think the actor that stands out to me was  Kelvin Harrison Jr. He pulled off a vulnerability and an innocence that for much of his life must have been locked up  inside this house away from this plague for sometime…


This is also a home invasion-like film as a man named Will (Abbott) attempts to break in… as it turns out after tying Will up over night and questioning him we find out the Will has a wife and Son, Kim (Keough) and Andrew (Faulkner) so Paul ventures out agreed upon between Sarah and himself to invite the family into their home as they have food that they don’t have…

As with most films these days it was very slow in the telling of its story… there is an event that happens which separates the two families emotionally and ultimately I think and feel this film boils down to trust…


Once you trust someone you stick together you don’t just pull away to deal with the situation that way but I also think that the point of the film was missed by myself was it about the drama, was it about the plague? Did Travis survive?

Im in the middle on this one on the one hand I was really enjoying the story but the end kinda went quickly choppy and confused the heck out of me so I’m not sure I’d recommend seeing this film as it was and seemed unfinished and choppy.

I guess I enjoyed it but I was left feeling that it was only part of a movie….

Starring Joel Edgerton as Paul, Christopher Abbott as Will, Carmen Ejogo as Sarah, Riley Keough as Kim, Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Travis, Griffin Robert Faulkner as Andrew, David Pendleton as
Bud, Mikey as Stanley, Chase Joliet as
Man #1, Mick O’Rourke as Man #2.


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