In The City That Never Sleeps… Movies Galore takes a look at director J. Antonio’s debut “Night Job” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


In November from Sacred 9 Film director J. Antonio from New York decided to make a film based on some true life stories in the life of doormen… coming from his own experiences as well…

The film starts out with James (Torres) as a young man on his first night as night watchmen of a high rise.


The first thing I enjoyed about the film is that the majority of the film was in black n White the second is how many of the people acting seemed like real people.

There were certainly some odd characters coming and going including one actor “Timothy Cox” I knew of whose played in a short film called “Here Lies Joe” I’d seen and written about before….


I also think this film is all about the hopes and dreams of the many people whom either notice James or do not as there are many people in these types of positions that never get credit for what they do….

Just like your local bartender and you r dentist become your therapist in a sence so can your door man… with as many situations that happen to James and the band of night people whom end up being there for him when at first they were insulting to him at first….


I really don’t want to say too much more but this film was entertaining and I believe biographical and totally recommend those that haven’t seen this film go see it I enjoyed it as a fresh Breath of air.

I think this was a very honest night of the crazy that can happen on a regular basis in The as they say city that never sleeps but doesn’t mean that it isn’t strange…. espesially when an exorcism is involved…

Starring Jason Torres as James, Larese King as George, Marlene as Dog in lobby, Michael Silbert as Man walking his dog, Bonnie Garroway Lowen as Business Woman, Kutcha as Julio, Lori Hamilton as
Ellen, Tim Farrell as Young Man, Samantha Connolly as Young Woman, Robert Youngren as Priest, Lester Greene as DVD Vendor, Brandon J. Shaw as
Apartment 718, Greg Kritikos as Romeo, John Cencio Burgos as Delivery man, Steven L. Coard as Mark, Timothy J. Cox as
Mr. Jones, Stanley Madi as Chris (as Sofiane Madi), Charles Smith Jr. as Arnold, Henry Calle as Cop 1, Mario Londono as Cop 2, Sabrina Dandridge as Giselle, Ismaël Sy Savané as Locksmith, Hardy Calderon as Clerk, Jose Espinal as Eddie, Monikha Reyes as Young Woman, Aleka Hart as Apartment 812, Anna Bakunova as Apartment 912, Laeticia De Valer as
Kelly, Chris Tangredi as Taxi Driver, Morgan Page as Mariel, Joshua Williams as Andrew, Una Petrovic as Charlene, Danyelle Demchock as Jessie, Jorge Luis Figueroa as Charlene’s Boyfriend, Bettina Skye as Stella, Carmen Borla as Olivia, Larissa Santiago as Rosemary, Arlene Castillo as Carmella, Adam P. Murphy as
Con Man, John V. Caetano as Driver, Shanae Christine Harris as Psychic / Josephine, Stacey Weckstein as Catherine, Brignel Camilien as Homeless man, Vincent Ford as Newspaper Man, John Torres as Carlos, Shennel Moody as
Partygoer, Katherine Nardone as Partygoer, Uliana Klepinina as Girl 2, Justin Joseph as Partygoer, Sophia Chester as Partygoer, Ramzi Chahal as Partygoer.


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