Movies Galore takes a look at director Gore Verbinski’s newest feature “A Cure For Wellness” for 2017 and shows us he’s still got it!

Written by David Strege


After Coming back from a barage of negativity from his feature film version of “The Lone Ranger” which to me wasn’t actually that bad I thought it was rather comical in parts… though because Depp was the Indian Tanto I really couldn’t take his role all too seriously.

That’s besides the point for working with Regency Enterprises on a Blind Wink/ New Regency Production director Gore Verbinski sets about to create a conspiracy in a mental institute that reminds us of our guineapig days as doctors in the early 50s late 40s…

Dane  DeHaan of (Chronicle) fame plays a Mr. Lockhart a ruthless business man known for closing deals and fast.  His brokerage is in need of him to retrieve a man a Mr. Penbrook to close a huge merger so he travels to the Volmer Institute to do just that.


On the way up the drive the story is set as the driver reluctantly tells the story of how the institute was the grounds for a royal Baron and Baroness the place had gone under a great fire and had been rebuilt Baron and Baroness being brother and Sister.

After being told that visiting hours were over Lockhart pushed to see a man in charge and was able to procure a time to return where Penbrook would be available.

After leaving the institute grounds with his driver to return to town he had a glimpse of a slip of a girl that seemed to follow him all the way to the gate… only they never made it to town…


Lockhart awoke in the Institute to meeting Volmer (Isaacs) the director of the institute laying a claim that he’d had a clean break as there’s been an accident as Lockhart’s leg was in a cast.

At first Lockhart accepts that he is hurt but as time goes on while conversing with a fellow patient a Mrs. Victoria Watkins (Imrie) that patients are disappearing and noises are being heard under the grounds.


Is the water really a cure or is there something in the water that is killing the brainwashed patients…  and what’s so special about Hannah?


The pace of this film is very slow reminds me of how slow “The Neon Demon” or “The Witch” were set… I love how the period of the time was captured as the Institute obviously held some very old equipment…. quite a large hydro chamber…

Have to admit there was an aura of intrigue that kept you in suspense somewhat… The Acting was Superb and having learned that this is the same Director of Mouse Hunt doesn’t surprise me at the level of intelligence portrayed.

I think that this is an underated film and almost wonder if it isn’t made under the pretense of some reality…


I think Hannah’s character is very haunting and expressive as well as the acting of Isaacs’ a sort of mad scientist deluded with grandeurs of a cure and yet showing us how medieval humanity once was.

I think that there is enough of a feeling of horror for the enthusiast and definitely recommend this film…

Starring Dane DeHaan as Lockhart, Jason Isaacs as Volmer, Mia Goth as Hannah, Ivo Nandi as Enrico, Adrian Schiller as Deputy Director, Celia Imrie as Victoria Watkins, Harry Groener as Pembroke, Tomas Norström as Frank Hill, Ashok Mandanna as Ron Nair, Magnus Krepper as Pieter The Vet, Peter Benedict as Constable, Michael Mendl as Bartender, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Abramov, Craig Wroe as Morris, David Bishins as Hank Green, Lisa Banes as Hollis, Carl Lumbly as Wilson, Tom Flynn as Humphrey, Eric Todd as Josh, Jason Babinsky as Carl, Johannes Krisch as Caretaker, Rebecca Street as Lockhart’s Mother, Bert Tischendorf as Lockhart’s Father, Douglas Hamilton as 9 Year Old Lockhart, Daniel Michel as Denim, Leonard Kunz as Frank, Luzie Scheuritzel as Bar Girl, Natascha Lawiszus as Bar Girl, Sophie Charlotte Conrad as Bar Girl (as Sophie Conrad), Manon Kahle as Secretary, Adrian Zwicker as Conductor, Jeff Burrell as
Funeral Director, Julia Graefner as Vet’s Daughter, Nino Boehlau as Drawing Boy, Nadine Boeske as Volmer Institute Staff, Axel Buchholz as Volmer Institute Staff, David Bredin as Volmer Institute Staff, Matthias Britschgi as Volmer Institute Staff, Andreas Dobberkau as Volmer Institute Staff, Sarah Franke as Volmer Institute Staff, Godehard Giese as Volmer Institute Staff, Judith Hoersch as Volmer Institute Staff, Angelina Häntsch as Volmer Institute Staff (as Angelina Haentsch), Caspar Kaeser as Volmer Institute Staff, Sebastian Kaufmane as
Volmer Institute Staff, Martin Laue as
Volmer Institute Staff, Annette Lober as
Volmer Institute Staff, Benedict Seifert as
Volmer Institute Staff, Roman Schomburg as Volmer Institute Staff, Florian Steffens as Volmer Institute Staff, Sven Timmreck as Volmer Institute Staff, Hanna Wollschlaeger as Volmer Institute Staff, Susanne Wuest as Volmer Institute Staff, Jef Bayonne as Volmer Institute Patient, Klaus Burckhardt as Volmer Institute Patient, Helmut Boelling as Volmer Institute Patient, Renate Prack as
Volmer Institute Patient, Matthias Rick as
Volmer Institute Patient, Peter Simlinger as Volmer Institute Patient, Jutta Marina Von Brunkau as Volmer Institute Patient, Natalia Bobrich as Nurse (uncredited), Marko Buzin as Wedding Guest (uncredited), Chris Huszar as Wedding Guest (uncredited), Matt Lindquist as
(voice) (uncredited), Johnny Otto as
Doctor Barlock (uncredited), Earl Vincent Sherwood II as Ron NYC Driver (uncredited), David Sánchez Calvo as
Orderly (uncredited), Chris Theisinger as
Wallstreet Broker (uncredited), Alexander Yassin as Wall Street Banker (uncredited).


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