Movies Galore takes a look at Brazilian director Petter Baiestorf’s features “Eles Comem Sua Carne” Aka “They Eat Your Meat” from 1996! “Zombios” from 1999! And “Zombios 2: Chimarrao Zombies” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Thanks to Gurcius Gewdner at Bulhorgia Productions I was able to recieve copies of several productions by Director Petter Baiestorf’s filmmaker from Brazil through his own company Mabuse Productions whom worked on a really cool gore Anthology called As Fabulous Negra’s “The Black Fables”.

With “Zombios” Baiestorf attempted to create a B Movie in tradition like of that of Lucio Fulci and other 70s Italian directors of the seventies but with a bit of humor…

The tale begins as Euclides and Tania the main characters set out to an island in hopes of pleasure and vacationing when they run into a pack of the living dead that have been risen from the dead at the command of a strange woman in a cape, her dress appearing to be that of a cave woman almost…

Thing is some of the living dead appear to be shaped like Slasher killers from horror films including one that seams to resemble Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw…

Most people should probably consider this a terrible film but to me it is rather humorous and what’s more it’s not too bad of a splatter film so it’s watchable…

I think the thing you have to realize is I feel this was made with a bunch of freinds so to me it’s a labor of love… more of a tribute than a serious horror film made out of having fun…

I enjoyed the film for what it was and hope to see more of what Petter as created I’d certainly recommend for Horror enthusiasts to enjoy at least for a one time watch…

Starring Cesar Souza as Euclides, Coffin Souza as Psycho Freak, Denise V. as Tania, Rose De Andrade as Sacerdotiza, Claudia De Sordi as Jorge Timm as Gaucho.


From Mabuse Productions distributed by Bulhorgia Productions on the same disc is a second film Called in English “They Eat Their Meat.”

Since this film neither on the Toxic Filth copy nor the Bulhorgia copy is in English I shall try to describe this film the best I can… here goes…

A camera is evidently filming towards what looks the a caller or dungeon where we see a woman’s head still alive without Here arms or legs it looks like still alive within the entrance… next to a man bloodied and splayed looking to be dead so it’s obvious people are being tortured and killed here… another man’s lips have been torn away to refuel his teeth as he hangs in a cage…

We are then introduced to our captors as they have a victim on a table dressed as somewhat scientists and meat cleavers they mutilate the victim as we see blood and guts splatter as it appears the Mutilating captors embellish in ripping the victim apart piece by piece…

My assumption is this is like a Brazilian version of Wrong turn Cannibals…  the gore is very real looking so I think that whomever Baiestorf works with on effects is good at what they do…

Above ground it appears an unkempt man stays above with two other females when a young man comes to call upon the house so I’m definitely feeling a kind of Wrong turn atmosphere… of sorts…

My biggest problem is this needs to be close captain so people like me who don’t understand the language can understand what’s going on… but I’d say even with out the English definitely a decent amount of Gore, blood and Tongue cutting if your into the just pure grossness of torture… certainly seems like an unlikely group of misfits…

Starring E.B. Toniolli, Marcos Braun, Susana Manica, Cesar Coffin Souza
(as Cesar Souza), Jorge Timm, Onesia Liotto, Jorge Hippler, Marcelo Severo,
Airton Bratz, Nadi Palombit,

And the Trailer for “They Eat Your Meat”!



With a much larger Cast than Zombios Bulhorgia Productions worked with Mabuse Productions and Brazilian Director Petter Baiestorf to create a sequel to his 1999 horror comedy in 2013.

The film begins as Zombies are crossing a river while a group of men with guns are telling each other to shoot these Zombies if they cross… this time the Zombies have skullss… the police are called to reinforce those in Ilha Redonda that there’s been a Zombie Attack… this is a different film and feel as it’s edited like that of a film from the 1950s with its beginning music and all.

There are flies all over the food so it must be a hot day… as a hitchhiker is trailing down a highway it’s supposed to be the the late 80s in Brazil at this point…

Meanwhile a detective that works with the police comes out to investigate the calls of a Zombie Outbreak… while the corpses come alive and Attack the Bishop that came to bless the situation…. at a local Bar and the drifting hitchhike picked up by a gothicly dressed babe as they run over a corpse of their own…

Its about midway I realize that whatever their smoking through their hula pipes is the cause of the outbreak this just gets more weirder as it goes with wired 80s sounding Brazil tribal music this sequel is definitely more enjoyable then its predecessor.

The acting I feel is hokey but this was definitely much more entertaining with the music, the efffects and the blood this is entertainment.

i enjoyed this film and out of the three so far my favorite of Petter Baiestorf’s since seeing his segment in the Black Fables I think this is a very excellent modern day b Zombie Flick and worth the Own… I recommend this for the horror enthusiasts for sure…out there

Starring Airton Bratz as Chibamar Bronx, Elio Copini as
Américo Giallo, Gisele Ferran as Nilda Furacão, Cesar Coffin Souza as
Klaus (as Coffin Souza), P.C. As Suicide, Gurcius Gewdner as
Pastor Davi, Raíssa Vitral as Amelia dos Santos, Adriano de Freitas Trindade as
Rigão, Flávio C. Von Sperling as Cafetão de Nilda, Cristian Verardi as
Cheirador Alegre, Douglas Domingues as Cheirador Bem Fodidinho, Jorge Timm as
Bodegueiro do sonho de Klaus (archive footage), André Luiz as Malandrão (Melting Man), Felipe M. Guerra as Bispo, Miyuki Tachibana
Yoko as E.B. Toniolli, Técnico das Empresas Cronenberg 1, Marcel Mars as
Técnico das Empresas Cronenberg 2, Alexandre Brunoro as Colono 1, Sanzio Machado as Colono 2, Andye Iore as Zumbi, C.B. Rot Bortolanza as
ZumbiPaulo Blob Teixeira as Zumbi, Minuano as Zumbi, Juliana Schiffrin as
Zumbi, Charles Knaak as Zumbi, Alan Cassol as Zumbi, Leo Pyrata as
Zumbi, Gabriel Zumbi as Zumbi, Marivan Lottermann as Zumbi, Jéssica Silva as
Zumbi, Mary Hermes as Zumbi, Adriana Cigognini as Zumbi, José Pignat as
Zumbi, Milena Mergen as Zumbi, Marcos Perin as Zumbi, Christian Schaefer as
Zumbi, Rafael Picolotto as Zumbi, Raimundo Lago as Zumbi, Barbi Cauzzi as
Zumbi, Loures Jahnke as Zumbi.

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