Movies Galore takes a look at directors Chad Farmer, Charles Devon Hill and Nathan Ludwig’s newest Short film “What’s For Dinner?” From 2017!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Farmwig Hill Productions Director’s Chad Farmer, Charles Devon Hill, and Nathan Ludwig is a horror comedy of sorts called what’s for Dinner, Previously having directed short films Late Submission from 2013 and P.M.S. Pre-Teen Monster Syndrome which was hilarious…

The film begins with looking upon a house where Mr. Turtleneck (Ludwig) resides… panning around the room we can honestly say and feel the man is an animal lover… as there are pictures of a dog and a cat sitting in the window…

Its not so long before Mr. Turtleneck sits down to watch the news as Mr. Action News describes the escaped Cannibal of small animals is on the loose… suddenly there’s a noise in the back yard and we find out there’s a naked man in a bloodied  hospital gown… about to devour his dog… instead and I’m assuming this is Mr. Backyard is offered a piece of bloodied meat…


After dealing with this Mr. Turtleneck goes back into the house… and into the basement where there’s a manchained and ball gagged in the Basement… piece of his leg already missing….

The thing about this film is your not really seeing the humor in the film unless you see it to begin with so though it sounds slightly depressing… it was certainly fresh and I think original.  I think what I find a little hilarious is that the directors are willing to bear his ass for the screen for this endeavor…

I think the setting was set, Acting believable, the atmosphere they’d wanted to portray was portrayed and I think this will be a well liked film on its festival route… well done guys!

Starring Chad Farmer as Mr. Backyard, Charles Devin Hill as Mr. Basement, Jonathan Krawchuk as Mr. Action News (voice), Nathan Ludwig as Mr. Turtleneck.


  1. As far as I know this doesn’t have any dvd release of any kind it’s not online yet as it’s still going through a festival run as far as I know 😉

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