Movies Galore takes a look at director Tyler Amm’s film “Grace’s Room” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Tyler Am the director of River City Panic of Beard In Charge Films with Hometown Hero Productions brings us his second feature film about the demonic powers that are found in Gracie’s Room.

As it turns out Billie (Allig) is supposed to house sit for her Aunt be her Cousin Grace (Reinhardt)… as it turns out Billie feels her cousin stole her blue journal that has her written novel in it… so with the help of her freinds she invites over to search Gracie’s Room for this said journal.

Not only do the freinds find weird symbols underneath the bed but they discover half of a goat alive as well as being watched by a neighbor that is actually part of a larger cult…

Grace finds out that the Goats been killed or that they’ve been in her room by some way and begins the journey back to Illinois from the Wisconsin Dells (which is probably the best part…)

Ultimately this comes down to the growing adulescence of a teenage girl who is jealous of her cousin because she’s not like her as she’s not ready to accept responsibilities and or become exactly like her growing up…


Mixed with the cult and the bumbling efforts of Billies freinds to attempt fight a possessed Grace it is a battle of demonic proportions…

Now though I enjoyed the story line and Humor as well as acting of the freinds and Grace and Billie… I did not think the female playing the leader of the cult was enthusiastic in her role she looking the part but she actually did not sound like she should be as evil as her character would suggest so I don’t think she pulled off being that controlling but… I enjoyed the little kid’s attitude in the cult… If you don’t know what kid watch the movie…

This film didn’t impress me as much as the first film River City Panic… but I do think that a lot of teenage girls need a lot of growing up to do and sometimes they are hard to handle.,.

Ultimately I did find this film entertaining but I feel there were a few flaws this time around… especially with the fake goat… but I’d still recommend this directors films as they are as I said entertaining… enjoy!

Starring Rachel Alig as Billie, Amber Herfurth as Harley, Sean Walsh as Sam, Nick Chandler as Carl, Pat Garrigan as
Diglett, Alex Dittmer as Steve ‘The Watchman’, Heather Call as Brenda ‘The Dreadful Ghoul’, Grace Reinhardt as Grace, Tyler Amm as Richard, Chris Aubry as The Assassin, Andrew Baker as Baby Brute, Chris Baker as Papa Brute, Emily Baker as Cult, Katie Baker as Cult Stand In, Alex Bergman as The Monitor, Matthew Birtell as Cult Stand In, Ethan Boin as Cult, Caylee Bourdoin as Christmas Girl, Avery Buckingham as
Avery, Joe Buckley as Cult, Jennie Carpenter as Cult, Amber Cassell as
Cult, Dan Churney as Cult, Zander Dziedzic as Cult, Hunter Faux as Cult, Allie Fishman as Game Booth Carny, Micheal Flaherty as Cult, Sloan Gretencord as
Bar Patron, Daniel James Halm as
Doug’s Bloody Friend, Bryan Michael Hartnett as Cult, Natalia Ann Hrovat as
The Hag, Dakota Hungerford as Cult, Sylvia Hyatt as Cult, Joe Jakupcak as
Cult Stand In, Pawel Kaniewski as
Lanky Brute, Ashley Keegan as Kennedy, Mackenzie Killelea as Waitress, Quinn Kistenferger as Waitress, Andrea Lippert as Bar Patron, Matthew Maggio as Cult, Mario Manrriquez as Bar Patron, Trevor McCandless as Doug, Sam Michaels as
Cult Stand In, Jacob Montgomery as
Cult, Kelly Montgomery as Cult, Evan Morency as Cult, Paul D. Morgan as
Officer Henderson, Randy Noy as Bar Patron, Edgar Patino as Pee Pants ‘The Spared’, Craig Peck as Craig, Patricia Pruitt as Waitress, Marcos Rabadan as
Marcos, Miranda Reinhardt as Grace’s Mother, Ryan Satterfeal as Cult (as Nicholas Scott), Kristopher Smith as
Cult Tech Guy, Emily Swain as
Cult Stand In, Nick Swartz as Undead ‘Puppet’ Half-Goat, Karly Swords as
Christmas Girl, Blake Tyson as Cult, Jim Uremovic as Cotton Candy Man, Giuseppe Urso as Marc, Benjamin Van Vactor as
Bartender, Sara Bonnie Walsh as
The Bra Carney, Emily Weber as Game Booth Carny, Kyle Wilkinson as Kyle, Marc Wilkinson as Phil Gunderson, Rebecca Wilkinson as Cult Stand In, Ryan Matthew Ziegler as Game Booth Carny.

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