Movies Galore takes a look at director Tyler Amm’s feature film “River City Panic” from from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us in part by O-Nett Gaming Productions and Beard In Charge film Director Tyler Amm is his first feature dealing in the town of Ottowa, Illinois.

So I wanted to start out by saying I really enjoyed the vibe of this film and its story line… Small town… group of freinds… that all seem very familiar with eachother… evidently always end up watching films and getting high at Marc’s place never caring about the future going nowhere…

Tyler Am plays Richard, Gary (Mitchell), Marc (Uso), Doug (McCandless), Kennedy (Keegan and Aric (Diamani) six freinds about to leave and spend the very first time out on the town…


First the Ottowa Pirates the town football team goes out of town for a game… police commissioner disappears… presumed dead and Mayor Webster (Johnson) gets blamed by Cheif Hicks as a plague in the name of panic over takes the town…

Not only that but the mayor claims the town is cursed by the ghost of Abe Lincoln as the founding fathers of the town had stolen Abe’s body and buried it in the park…

With Cheif Hicks putting road blocks up and snipers around the town in search of the Mayor in order to Lynch her at the stadium things just keep getting worse…

But the reason I like this film is for the heartfelt conversation between the character Marc and his old girlfriend Riley I believe when they made up and the surprise reason why the town All flew into a panic against each other to begin with…

The acting was really great, the comedy on cue and Corn aplenty… I even like that the panic is more like a zombie plague than anything else and a priest acting like John the Baptist, but one by one the freinds become victim to the same conflictions the town feels will there be anyone left to break the curse and restore the town… it’s sanity?

I certainly enjoyed this film I even love they refer to Abe Lincoln as a historical reference… enjoy!

Starring Tyler Amm as Richard, Marc Wilkinson as High School Crowd Guy (voice), Aric Diamani as Aric, Alex Dittmer as Chief Hicks, Zach Shaw as Deputy 1, Trevor McCandless as Doug, Pawel Kaniewski as Deputy 2, Zander Dziedzic as Anarchy Kids Leader, Ashley Keegan as
Kennedy, Patrick Sullivan as Baptized Disciple, Dan Churney as Pastor Carafe, Terri Baxter as Derby Girl, Kelly Johnson as Mayor Webster, Samantha Winnicki as
Baptized Disciple, Alejandro Marin as
Anarchy Kids’ Hostage, Madison Burress as Anarchy Kid, Dakota Hungerford as
Anarchy Kid, Braeden Bend as Anarchy Kid, Morgan Foster as Baptized Boy, Claire Centko as Derby Girl, Denzil Longville as
Robber, Nick Coglianese as Mr. J’s Worker,    Charles Mitchell as Gary (as Anthony Mitchell), Evan Morency as Robber, Clarissa Gerrard as Charlie, Cameron Dryer as Baptized Boy, Kyle Wilkinson as
Deputy 3, Xochytl Cantu as Baptized Boy, Jake Newman as Derby Boy, Stormy Plunk as Baptized Disciple, Katie Ocepeck as
Hick Gang, Simon Tiffin as Baptized Disciple, Ryan Satterfeal (as Nicholas Scott), Matthew Birtell as Hick Gang, Pam McFarland as Derby Girl, Shannon Cantu as Baptized Girl, Amber Wheeler as
Derby Girl, Lena Orwig as Grocery Store Cashier, Serena Armstrong as Baptized Girl, Rachel Johnson as Spencer, Jami Valenzuela as Baptized Boy, Linda Walter as Baptized Girl, Caylee Bourdoin as
Mr. J’s Cashier, Season Chandler as Derby Girl, Sean Urbanc as Deputy 4, Trent Zelko as Brad Gelp, Matthew Najdanovich as
Runaway Officer, Jesus Santoy as
Mr. J’s Worker, Orion Lovell as Darren, Nathan Torres as Hick Gang, Pat Garrigan as Crash Cop, Giuseppe Urso as Marc, Gina Palmer as Beverly Swell, Emily Swain as Riley, Traci Willet as Hick Gang, Jeorge Galvez as Steve, Jennie Carpenter as Crash Cop.

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