Movies Galore takes a look at director Anna Billers film “The Love Witch” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Look I know this film has been reviewed many times over but I wanted to describe it in my words… and I know I’m not exactly the fastest reviewer but here goes… Rolling Stone Magazine hailed this as one of the best Horror films of 2016 and I admit it has eliments of horror but it is more comical and colorfully artistic or tries to in my mind and certainly not scary… but gloriously done in 35mm giving it a 70s grindhouse feel was still entertaining!

Brought to us by Oscilloscope Laboratories with Anna Biller Productions directed by Anna Biller is this classical tale of a woman known as The Love Witch played by Samantha Robinson… and follows her path into madness as we begin with her driving a convertable red car apparently running away from Killing her first love Jerry.


Speaking of which, Biller composed a few songs for The Love Witch, but the soundtrack is composed by the work of masters such as Ennio Morricone and Piero Piccioni, whose scores for the films Il Diavolo nel Cervello and Le Mani sulla Città, And seems to work very well for the background of this 60s /70s almost on purpose exploitation film homage to that of the like of Sam Fuller or Russ Meyer…

We see Elaine has taken up residence in a town where it’s obvious a previous witch has stayed before but begins to use spells and concoct potions on the local men to find that perfect man that would suit her and be able to handle loving her completely…

Let me also say the costume designs as well as the sets are gorgeous… though you can tell they are homemade designs you can tell their is a labor of love for the time period just as there was in “Viva” Billers previous feature.

First there was Wayne a history professor she met in the center of town they went back to her place and slipped him a readily made potion in the wine… but soon became way to obsessive… couldn’t handle… died… and Elaine hurried him in the backyard… of his supposed get away cottage…


When first taking up residence a realtor named Trish (Waddell) or at least proprietress or Landlord and married Woman befriended her as they apparently went to tea together… which is when she’d met Richard, Trish’s Husband and when Elaine finds out one weekend Trish is to be away, sets out to seduce Richard to see if he was her Perfect said man…


After a girlfriend of Wayne’s came to the police about the missing Professor a detective Griff probably the worst actor on the set but I believe purposely so… found the buried body but as well as some constitutional burial jar with urine that led straight to back to Elaine…

Meanwhile there is also a cult of Love Witches with an aparant Love Leader which as we can see there is no love lost between Elaine and its fearlessly led leader… My favorite part of the film is when Griff and Lady Elaine are invited to be part of a fake royal mock wedding as there is a renaissance faire, court jester and duo of troubadourish minstrels manand woman singing the procession, the costumes are beautiful here and reminds me of going to the Bristol renaissance Faire in Kenosha…


My only vice About this film is its entirely too long…. as I don’t think Miss biller had the heart to do much editing and it certainly could have been edited to 20 minutes less or so to make it have more of a cult standing and more mainstream love…

But I have to say this is a work of art sending a feminist message within this periodically inspired film…

I certainly Recommend this film for its technique and its attention to detail… Now I do think that the acting that was done is somewhat dated and woodenly theatrical but I do not think or believe it was all entirely bad acting it was bad in all the good ways… I do think people will be divided on this film it’s not for everyone but I enjoyed it…


Starring Samantha Robinson as Elaine, Gian Keys as Griff, Laura Waddell as Trish, Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Wayne, Jared Sanford as Gahan, Robert Seeley as
Richard, Jennifer Ingrum as Barbara, Randy Evans as Steve, Clive Ashborn as
Professor King, Lily Holleman as Miss Curtis, Jennifer Couch as Wendy, Stephen Wozniak as Jerry, Giselle DaMier as Harpist, April Showers as April Showers, Elle Evans as Star, Fair Micaela Griffin as
Moon, Dani Lennon as Mandy, Gina Venditti as Jane, Frank Farmer as Sam, Kyle Derek as Lyle, Christopher Le Crenn as Jester, Neil Gillen as Troubadour, Amy Segal as Lady Love, Jacob Peacock as Holly King, Ron Kari as Oak King, Robert Michael Anderson as Sun Dancer, Jacklyn Chung-Young as Sun Dancer, Jonathan Beck as Witch, Bernard Bullen as Lord Bernard, Lisa Ann Davis as Witch, Giovanni V. Giusti as Lord Antone, Alisha Honoré as Connie, Matthew Jablonski as
Priest, Max Karson as Witch, Casey Larios as Witch, Priest, Larva as Witch, Donna Madach as Witch, Elise Massa as Witch, Barry Morse as Lord, Christian Smith as
Witch, Rosie Woodward Smith as
Witch (as Rosie Woodward), Marylin Winkle as Musician, David Winograd as
Elain’s Dad (voice), Kaila Charice as
Maiden (uncredited), Marc Chicoine as
Bar Patron (uncredited), Brett Girard as
Officer McLain (uncredited), Kaye L. Morris as Renaissance Maiden (uncredited), Jonathan Peacy as Bar Patron (uncredited), Ryan Poole as Lord 1 (uncredited), Brandon Shepard as Bar Fighter (uncredited), Prisilla Weckesser as
Witch (uncredited).

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