Movies Galore takes a look at Casey T. Malone’s Short film “The Modern Man” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Absolutely No 1 films director Casey T. Malone as usual brings us the strange and abnormal…

A man and this interpretation of man could be anyone is contemplating while hiding out in an attic while an unknown enemy seems to be outside…

There is an Ominous feel to this film as it is technically portraying ones paranoia about this unknown something through thoughts and the shape of the winged enemies on the outside…

All I can say is this film was short I did like it and made me want to see more of the story… after coming back from college I had a room mate I once knew that had Level One Schizophrenia so at times I saw first hand… a very similar thought process to what was portrayed here so I know it’s very possible that there are phobias that people just end up freaking out about..,

This wasn’t a bad film by any thought but I don’t think this is Casey’s best work but like I said I enjoyed the film and hope to watch more from him…

Starring Mike Thompson as The Ornithophobe.

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