Movies Galore takes a look at director Bill Condon’s Disney Feature “Beauty & The Beast” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


In 1991 Disney’s director’s Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise got together and brought about an animated epic story of a French Fairy Tale originally Adapted to Screen by French Directors Jean Cocteau and Rene Clement in 1946. Later adapting into several more animations, films and television shows as well as branching off into Broadway…

The film follows Belle (Watson) a beautiful young girl that in a sense in her own way is an Outcast in a small french village living with her Father Maurice a crackpot in this version Clockmaker but in the original Animation was an inventor…


It’s hard not to compare this film with the other variations of the tale but I shall try to stay true to what happened in the film as we are introduced to A man and his buffoon Gaston (Evans) and LeFou (Gad) two men who’ve often traveled together and have been freinds and fought in many wars together but as the story has it is obssessed with Belle with Aims to Maker her is Wife.


But before I get too much into Gaston and Lafou the true story really begins with a young prince to a kingdom who was once known across the land to give such Lavish parties but was full of himself so full of himself on a cold winters night a begged woman came seeking shelter at his castle offering the gift of a rose but when he tried to cast her out she warned him not to be deceived by Appearances when he refused her entrance again the beggar woman turned into a beautiful enchantress and cursed the prince and his entire castle to remain a beast and enchanting until the last petals of the rose fell… if he could not fall in love by this time…


Meanwhile Belle’s father Maurice (Kline) set out to I believe take a clock to someone somwhere got lost in the woods but before he left Belle asked him to bring back a rose… after coming across the castle in which the Beast resides a Candlabra and Clock named Lumiere (Macgregor) and Cogsworth (Mckellen) are two charcuterie of the castle that prepared a dinner for their guest but having been spooked by the enchanted Silverware Maurice runs out into the garden where he is found by the Beast (Stevens) picking a rose…

Phillipe the family’s horse runs back home where Belle tells the horse to take her to her father where Belle offers herself in exchange for her father…

Once let go Maurice goes back into town and tells everyone there’s a Beast who has Belle Locked away Gaston steps up to the plate with LeFou to have Maurice show them this Beast but when Maurice gets lost Gaston gets impatient and leaves Maurice for dead…


While this is going on Belle has been moved to a room instead of a cell and as it appears the enchanted objects  like a wardrobe a duster A teapot called Mrs. Potts and a chipped cup named Chip begin to befreind Bell in hopes that she is the one that will break the spell… but the beasts temper scares her into trying to escape the castle as she has wandered into the west wing where the rose is kept under glass, Beast gets mad and Belles runs out only to run into some angry wolves… Beast intervenes and saves Belle but gets hurt… and it is through this moment that it seems a kind of friendship begins…


Though much of the story surrounds Belle and the Beast I think that Gaston and his Obssessiveness of Belle and Lefou’s unbalanced Love for Gaston as in more than a freind kind of love which isn’t much of a Jump as I’d heard one theatre was offended at how much the relationship was played on for LeFou but I wasn’t bothered or perterbed by the romantic relationship that was suggested by LeFou actually think it made more sense and went with the story line…

Ultimately Marice was rescued by Agatha and once well again makes and accusation against Gaston while in turn Gaston calls upon An Asylum as the townsfolk think that Maurice is off her rocker…

Meanwhile Belle has seen a different side to the beast as he obviously is knowlagable with an extensive library but as it appears it seems Belle is able to bring him back into seeing the beauty of what he probably hadn’t seen before… in literature as in other things… on a beautiful night where he’d asked her to dance she asked to see her father…

It was then she saw the trouble he was in… and the beast let her her go to him … set her free not knowing if she’d return…

Arriving while Gaston was revving up a mob of the village Belle proved to them there was a beast but like most scared people couldnt handle the unknown or the different as Gaston locked Belle up with her father and led the group to the Castle to as he said Kill the Beast!

My problem is not that the film wasn’t good in fact it was well put together but the part where Belle’s Father was to steel a rose for Belle being the reason for his imprisonment was not part of the Disney Animation it was infact going along the story line somewhat of the french adaptation don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed both variations but combining the two variations of the film kinda ruins the illusion I had a very different Beauty and the Beast where in the animation just Maurice’s being there and eating his food was enough to imprison him though I understand the sentiment of keeping true to Jean Cocteau’s storyline I think because Disney was behind this film this was a move to slightly own the adaptation or variation themselves…

As for Emma Watson at first it was hard for me to think of her as Belle as I remember not that long ago she was Hermoine Granger and just a child it’s hard to think of her in a romantic sense as I sort of Watched her grow up… but I think she owned this movie and though I’ve seen her in previous films I believe that this is the film that has cut her ties as being immortal in Harry Potter.

My other thought was I didn’t recognize Kile at first as Maurice and my thoughts were he didn’t entirely fit as I imagined a much older seeker and frail man for the job… but there was some quality he brought to the character…

I wasn’t sure whether Luke Evans could have pulled Gaston off as he is a darker Character in voice but he surprised me on all accounts I think he played a very convincing Gaston…

Ultimately I enjoyed the film but there were some things I feel could have been done differently but for a live adaption I think it deserves a place in this world of film if anything to probably watch Watson fulfill a childhood fantasy of every young girl… at some point portraying Belle… and the fact the Beast got his own song and Belles Father which was interesting…

Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as LeFou, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Hattie Morahan as Agathe / Enchantress, Haydn Gwynne as Clothilde, Gerard Horan as Jean the Potter, Ray Fearon as Père Robert, Ewan McGregor as
Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Nathan Mack as Chip, Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe, Stanley Tucci as
Maestro Cadenza, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as
Plumette, Clive Rowe as Cuisinier, Thomas Padden as Chapeau, Gizmo as Froufrou, Rita Davies as Old Woman, D.J. Bailey as
Vagrant, Adrian Schiller as Monsieur D’arque, Harriet Jones as Queen, Adam Mitchell as Young Prince (as Rudi Goodman), Tom Turner as King (as Henry Garrett), Michael Jibson as Tavern Keeper, Zoe Rainey as Belle’s Mother, Daisy Duczmal as Baby Belle, Jolyon Coy as
Young Maurice, Jimmy Johnston as Tom, Dean Street as Dick, Alexis Loizon as
Stanley, Sophie Reid as Village Lass, Rafaëlle Cohen as Village Lass, Carla Nella as Village Lass, Obioma Ugoala as Flirtatious Farmer, Lynne Wilmotv as Barmaid, Jane Fowler as Pretty Female Fishmonger, Alison Harding as Head Washer (as Allison Harding), Chris Andrew Mellon as Nasty Headmaster, Jemma Alexander as Housewife, Sandy Strallen as Cobbler, Dale Branston as
Baker, Daniel Ioannou as Barber, Peter Challis as Butcher, Wendy Baldock as
Washer Woman, Norma Atallah as Washer Woman, Leo Andrew as
Apothecary, Steven Butler as Cheese Maker, Sharon Gomez as Cheese Maker (as Sharon Gomez-Jones), Jacqui Jameson as Cheese Maker, Vivien Parry as Village Lass’s Mother, Simone Sault as Wood Carrier, Beth Willetts as Jam Seller, Mandy Montanez as Bread Buyer, Tom Oakley as Fishmonger, William Bozier as
Stable Boy, Jak Allen-Anderson as Apothecary’s Patient, Phil Grannel as
Fiddler, Freddie August as Fiddler, Nicola Keen as Female Villager / Celebration Woman, Ebony Molina as Female Villager / Celebration Woman, Alison Jenkins as
Female Villager / Celebration Woman, Ellen O’Grady as Female Villager, Dawn Buckland as Female Villager, Rebecca Mckinnis as Female Villager, Jody Hall as
Male Villager, Ben Fox as Male Villager, Nathan Vaughan Harris as Male Villager (as Nathan Vaighan-Harris), Tim Stanley as Male Villager, Ben Clare as Male Villager, Marina Abdeen as Debutante, Danielle Acors as Debutante, Hayley Ainsley as Debutante, Rhianne Alleyn as
Debutante, Gabby Antrobus as Debutante, Sophie Atkins as Debutante, Koko Basigara as Debutante, Holly Bluett as
Debutante, Daisy Boyles as Debutante, Ava Brennan as Debutante, Sophia Brown as Debutante, Sophie Carmen-Jones as
Debutante, Cassie Clare as Debutante, Tanya Cumberland as Debutante, Natalie Davis as Debutante, Paige Drury-Lawrence as Debutante, Stephanie Elstob as Debutante, Cordelia Farnworth as
Debutante, Cj Field as Debutante, Lily Frazer as Debutante, Lucy Alexa Gilbert as Debutante (as Lucy Gilbert), Helen Gulstan as Debutante, Selina Hamilton as
Debutante, Leah Hill as Debutante, Abigayle Honeywill as Debutante, Chelsea Inez as Debutante, Blythe Jandoo as Debutante, Shireen Jathoonia as Debutante, Billie Kay-Piper as Debutante, Hannah Kenna-Thomas as Debutante, Ella Kora as Debutante, Jennifer Leung as
Debutante, Emily Loumba as Debutante, Cassie Macmillian as Debutante, Fiona McDonald as Debutante, Samira Mighty as
Debutante, Sonoya Mizuno as Debutante, Anna Momcilovic as Debutante, Nicola Mooi as Debutante, Nicole O’Neill as
Debutante, Abiona Omonua as Debutante, Jazz Peters as Debutante, Courtney Pruce as Debutante, Kayla Radam as Debutante, Katie Singh as Debutante, Lucy St Louis as
Debutante, Ruth Steele as Debutante, Jasmine Takacs as Debutante, Naomi Weijand as Debutante, Leah West as
Debutante, Skye Lucia Degruttola as
Washer Girl (as Skye Degruttola), Timia Julien-Box as Little Girl, Adelaide Morgan as Little Girl, Gemma Fray as Little Girl, Lara Decaro as Little Girl, Max Brophy as
School Boy, Samuel Brown as School Boy, Daniel Daszek-Green as School Boy, Freddie Hunter as School Boy, Joey Brown as School Boy, Tom Burgering as School Boy, Nate Leung as School Boy, Kai Gordon as School Boy, Oscar Francisco as
School Boy, Harry Marcus as School Boy, Richard Banks as Silversmith (uncredited), Jeremy Cave as Baker’s Boy (uncredited), Chloe Collingwood as Village Lass (uncredited), Crystal Compton as
Village Woman / Barmaid (uncredited), Paul De La Rosa as Detective (uncredited), Karl Farrer as Villager (uncredited), Luke Fictitious as Singing Villager (uncredited), Alex Gillison as Villager (uncredited), Isobel Hamilton as Fishmonger / Villagewoman (uncredited), Marat Khairoullin as Villager (uncredited), Alona Leoine as Market Shopper (uncredited), Tyrone Love as Village Gent (uncredited), Erica Melargo as Flower Girl / Debutante (uncredited), Lindy Pieri as
Village Woman (uncredited), Marlonde Pierre as Village Man / Cage Seller / Lavender Seller (uncredited), Kemi Rodrigues as Debutante (uncredited), Teresa Shaughnessy as Debutantes Mother (uncredited), Rossana Silva as
Village Woman / Barmaid (uncredited), Johanna Smitz as Village Woman (uncredited), Clem So as Debutante’s Parent (uncredited), Dan Trotter as Villager (uncredited), Charlotte Worwood as Villager (uncredited).

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