Movies Galore takes a look at director Scott Wheeler’s film “Attack of the Killer Donuts” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Restless Nomad Pictures director Scott Wheeler come comical horror b movie that you knew someone would cook up.


Johnny Wentworth (Ray) is obsessed about this girl Veronica (Elise) the only thing is all she ever wants from him is money.  The film begins where his mother ends up giving him money and yet stating the obvious she hasn’t met Valerie and all she ever wants is like I said moula when his childhood freind Michelle who works at Dandy Donuts with him is more his speed…


Meanwhile Johnny’s Uncle Luther (Swan) has just created a toxic potion that while fighting with the owner of Dandy’s ends up landing in the Donuts…

Being the first customer of the day Mrs. Scolari (England) takes home a box of said toxic donuts.  In the meantime Officer Hammerstein (Burns) and Officer Roberts (Howell) are transporting a prisoner somewhere and stop at the shop for some coffee and donuts, they too get some toxic surprise…


After the Officer’s leave a man named Flanagan certainly seems to be a competitor of making donuts as he brings a donut in a box to taste and yet won’t taste a donut given to him to try… takes it home also toxic…

While that is happening Mrs. Scolari is acting weird as she’s in some red negligee nightie as she trots up to the donut box like it’s a sexual act… but she’s not the only one whose hungry as the donuts attack with teeth and are seen all over her…

While this has happened the officers are about to drink their coffee and eat their donuts when the prisoner begs for a donut which they give him… soon his stomach gives him indigestion, somehow the officers fall asleep and their passenger criminal escapes…

And still while all this has happened Flanagan gets into a shower not suspecting his take home donut had slipped into the shower with him…


Also Johnny’s only freind Howard (Heyman) seems to be having a very weird relationship with Emma Wentworth, Johnny’s mother but as it happens three thugs show up at Dandy Donuts cause a ruckus at Michelle where Johnny comes to the rescue and the asshole manager fires Michelle instead.

As it seems a likely trio along with Johnny’s Goofy Uncle end up having to try to save the rest of the town and his mother from some very hungry and Animated Killer Doughnuts and turns into quite the B movie you’d watch at the drive in….


Now I didn’t see anything wrong with much of the acting.. I do think the bully could have been a tad meaner as it seams he was meant to be a tough guy but to me seamed like he wasn’t even trying but you know what that can be forgiven as this film was meant to be bad…

I think this film will be right up there with some of the silly films that come from troma like Killer Des Kondoms or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and to be honest it could very well have been made by putting donuts on strings parading them around but I think the animation effort on the special effects side went pretty decently I think in this film.

I enjoyed the story line and certainly enjoyed the comedy also enjoyed seeing C. Thomas Howell again as he often tends to show up in random b movies like on sci-fi channel or with Asylum pictures glad to see he’s still making indie flicks…

I’d certainly recommend this film to horror film lovers as it has some what the build to a perfectly cheezy flick… also if you notice Jed Rowen playing Dee is from Aaron’s House, Zombie Farm, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as being a villain in the Ghastly Love of Johnny X…

Starring Fredrick Burns as Officer Hammerstein, Kayla Compton as Michelle Kester, Lauren Compton as Veronica (as Lauren Elise), Chris De Christopher as
Cliff Burbank, Alison England as Mrs. Scolari, Phillip Fallon as Brandon, Michael Gaglio as Mr. Richards, Aaron Groben as
Bobby, Ben Heyman as Howard, C. Thomas Howell as Officer Roberts, Christine Nguyen as Martha, Grant O’Connell as Conrad, Jack O’Connor as
Leo, Justin Ray as Johnny Wentworth, Jed Rowen as Dee, Vince Royale as Tom the Perp, Burt Rutherford as Michelle’s Brother, Sean Smith as Homeless Jack, Michael Swan as Uncle Luther, Kassandra Voyagis as Emma Wentworth, Michael Rene Walton as Flanagan.

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