Movies Galore takes a look at director John Borowski’s docudrama “Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


I’m actually nervous about writing a review  on documentaries because I haven’t done many of them but I want to explore new areas of review territory and I think John Borowski’s documentaries were a perfect place to start because they are shot so well and explained in such detail I don’t want to mess up.

In my HH Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer review I actually did some of my own research not to try to overshadow his information more out of trying to understand serial killers myself and tried to describe how I felt about the documentary in Albert Fish.  I’m going to try describe it like I normally do a regular with the information that I have on hand while watching.


Brought to us by Waterfront Productions director John Borowski from what I understand originally he’d set out to try to make a feature but when that became impossible in finding the clout and collateral to do so he had the interviews and the knowledge he had on hand and set about to create this Documentary on Albert Fish in 2007.

Firstly the film is Narrated by Tony Jay as we learn that Albert Fish has been called the Gray Man as being a child rapist, Sodomist and Cannibal Serial Killer in the State of New York.

A kidnapping of a ten year old girl named Grace Bud in 1928 is where the film fully begins…  on December 13th 1934 six years later Albert Fish was arrested at the age of 64.

Apparently Fish had sent a letter of confession to Delia Budd the mother of Grace Bud I can only imagine how it was for one of her other children to read for her the letter of his killing little Grace Budd than eating her. I think Harvey Fisher As the Voice of Albert was perfect for he had the devious careless disinterest that I think played well for his voices and I think helps reach the Audience as he describes the things Albert does…

Albert fish had used an Alias Frank Howard and posed as a Painter from a wanted ad originally going out there to hire one of the Budd Boys as an Apprentice.  When he arrived a look at Grace and her Tom Boyish looks changed his mind and on the pretense of a party in town, took Grace with him at the initial resistance of Delia’s Mother.

Thanks to the adress on the envelope of the most vile letter that was merely only crossed off this led to an Employee of said company that lived where Albert takes residence before him and together with Detective William King devised a sting operation and Arrested Fish moment after he’d come to collect some mail.

Now Fish had also sent Lurid  letters two different women who advertised in a local newspapers and want to add or employment classifieds I feel that this documentary explains in full detail how sadistic Albert Wish really was.


Outside of the documentary I found out that Albert fish head actually boasted of killing over 100 children and had made statements claiming he ate a child from every state now whether he’d  killed, raped or had some kind of relationship with we don’t know. His stories just kept changing and no one could really discern much truth from his constant returning to lying.  For the crime of murder in Grace Budd, Albert Fish was sentenced to the electric chair.

I think I have said before I think the director of this documentary John Borowski has found a way through interviews and voice actors as well as some role playing and symbolical references to reach an audience on the emotional level and in a sense brings us to knowing and feeling what the Killer might as dealt as well as the public outcry and the investigations behind the capture of such creatures as Albert Fish, and H. H. Holmes…

Deemed otherwise as “The Werewolf of Wysterly”, “The Moon Maniac”, “The Brooklyn Vampire”, and “The Boogey Man” Albert Fish is certainly not the man you want to live next to if your raising a family… he was said to have placed 28 needles inside his groin for self gratification and was prone to whipping himself even made a board with nails a crude way to punish himself… his eldest Son found himself making proclamation’s over and over that he was God on a hill outside their home…

Ulltimately this was a film I could follow and I enjoyed watching and learning about Albert Fish for though I’d heard of him before I wasn’t as interested in finding out more information on Fish before this Documentary I myself have been obsessed to know more…

Not only does he use a forensic specialist he brings in criminologist profilers to explain what might have been behind the man and what his thought might have been… at the time that is…

I certainly recommend this film for those interested in finding out more about Serial killers it was very informative and hard to believe at times there are people like this born everyday but there are…

Starring Oto Brezina as Albert Fish, Joe Coleman as Himself, Bob Dunsworth as
Fredric Wertham M.D. (voice), Harvey Fisher as Albert Fish (voice), Derek Gaspar as Young Albert Fish, Nathan Hall as Kedden, Cooney Horvath as Jesus Christ, Tony Jay as Narrator, Katherine Ramsland as Herself, Donna Rawlins as
Mrs. McDonnell (voice), Garrett Shriver as
St. Sebastian / Isaac, Kasey Skinner as
Grace Budd, Ronni Trankel as Grace Budd (voice).

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