Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher G. Moore’s short film “Foodie” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


If your a chef or cook or in any kind of restaurant and your moving up in ranks you might want to think twice after watching this short film about a secret society of chefs…

The definition of a foodie is one that is so obsessed with food whether it’s eating or the drinking of spirits that it can virtually take over your life and be addicting…

Coming from Cinema Fuel Productions director Christopher G. Moore this is a dark comedy of just that kind of person… slowly rising in ranks of the food industry, totally obsessed with food is a groupie that has been invited to an underground dinner party of the most infamous chef’s and people in the incrowd on the up and up.

What he doesn’t realize is the main course is not what he is ready for…

I think that this was a hilarious short film and for being done on such a low budget can instantly become a classic for any restaurant goer or anyone part of the industry…. I really do believe there are people as into food as the main character Mueller (Kramer) who seems full of himself as well as being a groupie of sorts as to whether there’s as fucked up of a secret society of chefs and the like? I mean there’s The famous French Milt (Algiers) (who seems quite at ease with his knives), and the Wine Dungeon duo (adept at being submissive as well as dominant) and Whose to say… but this short film deserved some mention as there was a bit of a twist and a surprise of who eats whom and kills whom in the end.  As to what’s on the menu?

Go ahead look inside your mailbox there might be an invitation…

I would totally recommend this film for horror enthusiests it was comical as all hell definitely worth a watch… be careful what you eat…

Starring Nick Karner as Mueller, David Berberian as John Lando, Alena Koch as
Hannah, Jeff Alguire as French Milt, Tony Hughes as Brandon X, Meredith Sause as
Teddy (as Meredith Leigh Sause), Tracey Coppedge as Beth, Emlee Vassilos as
Darla, Gilly Conklin as Shannon Von Vester, John Jimerson as Greg, Jennifer Evans as
French Milt Groupie #1, Stephanie Minervino as French Milt Groupie #2 (as Stephanie Rinehart).

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