Movies Galore takes a look at director Glen Coburn’s cult classic “Bloodsuckers From Outer Space” horror comedy from 1984!

Written by David Strege


Well I’ve reviewed a bunch of New films so I decided to take a look at this little cult horror comedy classic by director Glen Coburn distributed in 2014 by Wacked Movies “Bloodsuckers From Outer Space.”


Not only is it weird and I say weird lightly as it’s definitely overly used in the script… hehe The film begins with a local farmer from Texas going about his chores when a sudden gust of wind tears through and suddenly spilling blood, becomes a bloodsucker of sorts…

As was culture to the birth of the 80s there’s even a corny somewhat psychedelic title song.  The next morning the town sherrif, his deputy, the local newspaper journalist, Photographer Jeff (Meyer) , and town local Buford (Stanford) all witness the turned Farmer as he’s sucked a victim dry…

Dr. Pace (Webb) and his team of scientists take the bloodsucker back to their lab at Research City, whilst the army sends a Heneral Sanders and his small body of troops to “Take care” of the situation at hand.

Jeff on the other hand is forced to make a desiscion about becoming a farm hand for his Uncle Joe and Aunt Kate or skipping town and loosing his inheritance.  On wis way while doing some errands his car breaks down when he runs into free spirited Julie (Ellis) who was on her way from Dallas to nowhere in particular…

Ralph Rhodes (Coburn) who is part of the top secret research team at Research City is Jeff’s brother,  after a romp Jeff and Julie head quickly over to his uncle’s place when they realize the place is covered in blood as his Aunt has certainly changed as has his uncle into this airbourne plague from outer space… ultimately it’s up to Jeff, Julie or the Nuke hungry General Sanders (Letts) to figure out how to beat this brainwashed invasion…

To be honest I’m not exactly sure we can all these people Zombies entirely because first this was an Airbourne collective, secondly to me a zombie doesn’t talk, a true zombie groans, or growls and eats everything with flesh… not just blood.

Secondly I think there was a scene where the sex sounds of Julie and Jeff had certainly gone on long enough… The Janitor Norman (Brigham), weirdly enough wore out the use of the word “weird to the point of being annoying but the film was not without its comedy and was enjoyably bad but Corny.  I think it’s one of those deliciously bad but meant to be bad and comical films that can be enjoys on the worst of nights.


Now there were moments of slowness and some apparently bad acting by the aunt and uncle characters but I think that’s what was part of what made this film amusing. I certainly recommend this film to all horror film enthusiasts for a good laugh… enjoy!


Starring Robert Bradeen as Uncle Joe, Big John Brigham as Norman, Glen Coburn as
Ralph Rhodes, Franny Coppenbarger as Dead Woman, Christine Crowe as President’s Playmate, David Cunningham as Military guard, Joyce Dixon as Seductive Bloodsucker,  Laura Ellis as Julie, Dan Gallion as The Farmer, Rick Garlington as Major Hood, Wayne Greene as B.J. Barton, Christopher Heldman as Sam (as Chris Heldman), Candace Hickey as Blood Sucker, Billie Keller as Aunt Kate, Paul LaRocque as Driver, Dennis Letts as General Sanders, Thom Meyers as Jeff Rhodes (as Thom Meyer), Kris Nicolau-Sharpley as Jeri Jett, Julie Oliver-Touchstone as Screamer (as Julie P. Oliver-Touchstone), Pat Paulsen as U.S. President, Darrell Shelton as Guard, Jim Stafford as
Buford, Richard Wainscott as Richard, Samantha Walker as Pam, John Webb as
Dr. Pace, Jack Wilkinson as Coroner.

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