Movies Galore takes a look at the long awaited Horror film “The Barn” directed by Justin M. Seaman from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Nevermore Productionsand directed by Justin M. Seaman is this long awaited feature called “The Barn.”

Turns out in asense the film is somewhat evolved with Seaman’s version of the Boogeyman but began in a silent horror short film he’d filmed called “All Hollow’s Eve” from 2012.

As with all urban legends the film begins with a legend of three demons, The Boogey Man, Hallowed Jack and Candy Corn Scarecrow born from that of miners of a small town and a barn… Also from variations of the Boogeyman tale…

In Wheary Falls a service is being held at dusk in 1959 marking the return of the annual Harvest Hootnanny… by moonlight two young kids a boy and a girl go out to the barn that’s off limits… but go anyways there’s a set of rules to be followed… The little girl does not come back…

30 years later in Helen’s Valley, 1989 Sam (Mussolini) and Josh (Stout) are best freinds and have been putting on a haunted house forever but Ms. Barnhart has forbid them to do anything this All Hollows Eve… so with a group of freinds and a young girl Michelle (Dripps) that Sam likes to go out to see the last concert of a specific band that a Dr. Rock (Lehman) tv program “The Rock Block” reminiscent of MTV told them about that “Demon Inferno” was coming to a location near them.

Its been a year since Josh’s dad the town preacher (Billock) has died and hasn’t been easy and both with Sam being grounded after their prank their freind Russ, Chris and Nikki… all decide to catch this supposed Rock Concert but end up Running into the legendary demons of said town…

First of All I totally dug this film I think that that this was definitely very like bringing the feel of what the eighties was all about sex, love, the slasher, drugs, partying and Rock’n’roll…

There was certainly blood definitely Splatter and a story line and history this film was dropped in.  The acting was great and the characters memorable.  And I think the fact that Sam knew all these weird rules of the legend of Halloween and the story behind the three local demons…

I most definitely recommend this film for all but I think what I didn’t like was the price they were farming it out for… I understand that your out there to make money bsck on the film but thirty bucks is a lot for a film even if it’s a special edition with a computer game as the bonus extra… I think 15 would have just been fine… I think the director was scalping people a little to get their copy is all… but it was also a decent film and well done… there’s more but I’m sure you don’t want me to tell all… enjoy!

Starring Mitchell Musolino as Sam, Will Stout as Josh, Lexi Dripps as Michelle, Cortland Woodard as Chris, Nikki Howell as Nikki (as Nikki Darling), Nickolaus Joshua as Russell, Linnea Quigley as Ms. Barnhart, Ari Lehman as Dr. Rock, Ryan Nogy as Shirley Garrett, David Hampton as
George, James Weldon as Mr. Daniels, Justin M. Seaman as Boogeyman, Rik Billock as The Preacher, Elyse Alberts as
Matt’s Older Sister, Hunter Amos as George Haywin (child), Jon Bailey as
Trailer Narrator (voice), James Baker as
Ash Baxtor, Matt Starr Bores as Vinny Michaels, Ted Boyko as Ted Bundy-Vocals (Legendary Hucklebucks), Cheyenne Burnsworth as Arcade Kid #1, Colton Burnsworth as Roller Rink Patron #2, Paula Burnsworth as Roller Rink Patron #1, Rodney Burnsworth as Arcade Kid #2, Dakota Corwin as Hootenanny Guest #9, Tyler Denman as Arcade Kid #3, Stephen Dixon as Hootenanny Guest #7, Linda Emeterio as Old Cat Lady, Anna Fajerski as
Hootenanny Guest #12, Dave Fresch as
Dave Fresch-Guitar (Legendary Hucklebucks), John Garrett as Hootenanny Guest #13, Linda Garrett as Hootenanny Guest #14, Brian Gault as Brian Hucklebuck-Drums (Legendary Hucklebucks), Jedediah Giacchino as Hootenanny Guest #4, Sable Griedel as
80’s Porch Sweeping Girl, Susie Johnson as
Hootenanny Guest #18, Linda Loughman as Hootenanny Guest #21, Jordan Main as
Hootenanny Guest #22, Jeramey Pelzer as
Hootenanny Guest #6, Michael Prutzman as Hootenanny Guest #19, Johnny Relich as
Johnny Devil-Guitar (Legendary Hucklebucks), Mark J. Reyes as Hootenanny Guest #20, Cheryl Seaman as
Hootenanny Guest #8, Tanya R. Seaman as
Roller Rink Concession Worker, Douglas Sikora as Uncle Piddles-Upright Bass (Legendary Hucklebucks), Clay Sismour as
Kitchen Corn Shucker, Nicholas Sprowls as
Terrorized Trick or Treater, Jeremiah Startare as Roller Rink Patron #3, Jacob Stone as Hootenanny Guest #10, Ryan Sullivan as Hootenanny Guest #5, Clarissa Teagarden as Hootenanny Guest #17, Jeremy Teagarden as Hootenanny Guest #15, Megan Teagarden as Hootenanny Guest #16, Ethan Turner as Roller Rink Patron #4, Keith Uram as Iggy Stevens, Christopher Vertosick as Hootenanny guest #2, Jonathan Vertosick as Hootenanny guest #1, Darby Zerbini as
Hootenanny Guest #11.

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