Movies Galore takes a look at director Sandy Collora’s short film “Archangel” from 2002!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us in part from Montauk Films and Level 7 directed by Sandy Collora is a roughly seven minute short film of a religious nature…

Sandy Collora makes a total visual dream aspect of how the devil takes the form of a child (Decker) when coming to take a soul on earth for their hearts are pure and innocent…


Using the representation of a Dom (Nann) and a Sub (Wolf) where the sub was kidnapped by the devil a guardian sent by God protected and guided the sun back to her Dom.

I think this film is somewhat subliminal and spiritual but also is also very beautifully filmed.  There was no talking as the film is to like I almost said a virtual dreamlike sequence.   I really liked this short film for the landscape and the symbolism used.

i certainly enjoyed this film and look forward to more from this director I think he is very talented in telling stories from visualization and may have been over looked… I totally recommend you view this short film for its spectacular visuals. Enjoy!

Starring Jonathan Decker as Child, Erika Nann as Dom, Dustin Olander as Archangel, Aime Wolf as Sub.

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