Movies Galore takes a look at Director Sandy Collora’s Batman/Predator influenced short film “Batman: Dead End” from 2003!

Written by David Strege


Now I know that there have been many films that have been constituted as being fan made films so this would certainly be one of them.  Brought to us by Mantouk Films and Level 7 films director Sandy Collora once again produces an interesting adaptation of his own version of the Dark Knight.


As the film begins we see a man suit up in what looks like a similar suit to that which the original 1960’s Batman might of worn not your usual lately, blasted up armor with plastic or metal plating uniform but with cape none the less as you here a news billeting about Gotham in the background.

Its raining as the Batman (Bartram) jumps to the ground his cape spreads almost all around him, the rain pinging of his cape like it’s a tarp of sorts but how it got to flow around him in slow motion was very cool…


The Joker (Koenig) escaped Arkham Asylum and goes up against His foe with the help of three Predator Creatures and and Alien as his criminal underlings so it’s certainly interesting how Collora mixes these foes together who’d of thought we’d see such a clash of titanish monsters in Gotham.

I enjoyed this short film extremely in a way it’s odd and impossible that these creatures from other films to have shown up in the D.C. world but it’s also a cool concept and thanks to a recent discovery they did actually clash in the comics when D.C. And Darkhorse got together…

The acting was pretty great too it’s not like he picked some random people to play these villains… I recommend you check this short film if you can I enjoyed it and is one of my favorite fan films now…

Starring Clark Bartram as Batman, Andrew Koenig as The Joker, Kurt Carley as
Predator #1, Jake McKinnon as Alien, Dragon Dronet as Left Predator, Patrick Magee as
Predator #3.

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