Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Jaissle’s first feature film “Back From Hell” from 1993!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Matt Jaissle of Videvil Video, I feel I have to defend this film as it’s one of those films you either love or hate, and or hate to love but love anyways because it’s so bad it’s good.  Now I bought it a year or so ago had meant to review this by now but since then has been picked up by Massacre Video distribution and rightly so it needs a place to be seen… hehe…

Film begins as two killers in black wielding axes walk silently in and axe the place as well as a body… but mark the place with the sign of Satan…

Father Aaron (Scarbrough) explains in a narrative that he is about to go take the confession of an ex Hollywood actor he hasn’t seen in eight years by the name of Jack (DuBois).

We see Father Aaron drive out to what looks like an abandoned factory, in and walk up some stairs to a trap door in the floor to meet Jack… Jack tells the Father that a cult of Satanists put a curse on him, some years back a dude named Azzagras said he could make his career sky rocket to fame by selling his soul to Satan.  A sort of crossroads desiscion he’d agreed to do everything in blood…


It is here we see Jack running… as he runs runs into a knife wielding bum… as this turns into an old school Splatter fest SOV film, yeah it’s fake blood hokey acting but somewhat humorous.

According to Father Aaron there has also been a litany of murdered priests that have happened… in any case a detective Harrison and his partner mysteriously arrive at the abandoned place where Jack has hidden as Father Aaron is caught in the crossfire and sucked into Jack’s situation…

Forced to tie his freind Jack up, Father Aaron watches as an Evil Cop (Ruem) stabs Jack with forks to try to torture him to confess…

This is where it gets weird after shooting the cop an excorcism not sanctioned by the church is about to be performed to fight Satan for Jack’s contract to his soul.


i actually think the worst acting comes from (DuBois) he could certainly have more emphasis in his diction… he speaks as if he’s just saying the words to get this done and over with like a disinterested actor in his role…

In a sense this is a good and evil battle… some of the dead rise to attack these two for attempting to exorcize Satan himself… but I think the best part of the demonic hand that seems to rise from the book they are using as it flaps around with some animation of sorts…

To me it’s humorous as well as a somewhat Zombastic film of the undead like The Ecorcist meets Dawn of the Dead kind of film.  I enjoyed it but not as bad as some say it is at least to me but certainly not everyon’s taste.


I’d recommend this film for horror enthusiasts though some of the music reminds me a little of Fulci’s music for Zombie I enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind a sequel if one was ever made lol.

Starring Larry DuBois as Jack, Shawn Scarbrough as Father Aaron, Don Ruem as
Evil Cop / Satan, Chris Heikka as
Cop shot in head, Matt Handley as
Azzagras, High Priest of Satan, Matt Jaissle as
Maniac with axe, William Jaissle as
Bearded Zombie.

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