Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skolanja’s Black Metal short film “Ave Satanas” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Working with Underground Gorellector Films, Fox Trot Productions director Emir Skalonja brings us a short film called “Ave Satanas” for 2017.

Filmed in black and white as two women meet in the woods, Evanora (Shenk) and Mary (Skolanja).  Evanora speaks of being defile and asking for vengeance she must do so in blood…

Next we see an abandoned church where a hooded woman confronts these two men for Mary as she condemns them to death a man comes around and cuts one’s tongue out.  The other man dies and has his guts pulled out… while black metal plays and our hooded avenger moans as if in ecstasy…

The acting by all was very ritual so I believe that all involved in this short film did an excellent job.  This film was meant to be a slow to gorefest homage to Satan.  I think it can be considered a period piece as it comes off as possibly an older tale in an ancient time.

I think we have a lot to look forward to with director Emir Skolanja well done Emir.  I enjoyed it though I hope we here more of this story in the near future… I will remember that cackle… i certainly recommend this film for the gore enthusiast enjoy!

Starring Krystal Shenk as Evanora, Nicole Skolanja as Mary, Jose Rivera as Man #1, Brian Warden as Man #2.

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