Movies Galore takes a look at the director Nicholas Pesce’s feature film “The Eyes Of My Mother” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


I think that in this day and age it is hard to find an original form a horror film that is told in poignant subtlety that can almost make you cry as Director Nicholas Pesce does in “The Eyes of My Mother” with Magnet Releasing and Borderline Films.


It’s filmed in black and white which already catches my attention but the story begins as a I believe polish mother (Agostini) is teaching her daughter about the way to preserve the eyes of farm animals as she tells her that it is said the spirit or ones soul is in the eyes…

Shortly after this though a young man stops by the farm while Francisca’s Father is away and violently kills her mother…


When Father comes back he beats the man  and drags his body to the woods to be burried but somehow the little girl drags the man into the barn and keeps said man chained up and takes his eyes…

My understanding is that Francisca (Magalhaes) grows up very different with just her father and the kept creature… and is somewhat hidden from the world and when her father dies… Is left alone…

Happenstance brings about a woman stranded with her small child whom she befriends and takes the place of the kept creature of a man… which also had her eyes taken from her…


Francisca raises the child herself until one day the child finds the woman she’s got locked up and begins to question…

I feel the film was a slow burn and is not for everyone’s taste because I can see how it could very well put one to sleep but there I believe is a hidden beauty of the way young Francisca copes with the losses in her life and how she tries to fill it with said loss.

I think this was an interesting film and can see how it can easily reach a cult standing. I think it was well directed, well acted and is one of the better films of 2016.

I enjoyed it and certainly recommend it for others. My favorite part was where the father and daughter were dancing together…

Starring Diana Agostini as Mother, Olivia Bond as Young Francisca, Will Brill as
Charlie, Joey Curtis-Green as Antonio, Flora Diaz as Lucy, Kika Magalhaes as
Francisca, Paul Nazak as Father, Clara Wong as Kimiko.

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