Movies Galore takes a look at director Travis Legge’s newest revenge feature “The Reckoning” based on his illustrated Comic Book of the same name from 2017!

Written by David Strege


“Bloom” director Travis Legge of Plastic Age Productions once again arrives in the indie scene with a live action from-a-comic book crime drama “The Reckoning.”  Which I didn’t have a problem contributing to as you’ll probably see my name in the special thanks section and let me tell you I think he delivered.

Danielle Doetsch stars as Justine a young woman in love with a young man named Mike (Hoover) whom just wants to provide for his girl as he takes a job as errand boy for his drug dealing cousin.

Justine’s Best freind Stacy (Maloney) warns her about the dangers he may be taking and bringing her into but when Justine brings the subject up to her man Mike assures her it’s only small time smoke and nothing big.


On a reciprocation of deliverying to the wrong neighborhood a more connected Crime Lord named Victor (Jones) sends a message to Mikes Cousin through Mike himself where after sending some of his own dudes to tell Victor and his thugs off, come back in a drive by killing Mike in front of Justine.

Justine then to deal with her grief, one by one goes after the men responsible for the death of her lover…

At first I wasn’t sure the actress (Doetsch) had it in her to portray the kind of violence needed to bring to life this Angel of Vengeance kind of 70s throwback to films like “Thriller” or “Day of the Woman” type of genre.  I have to say she kicked some ass.

I do have to bring up one little bit of film work there’s a moment where Justine’s been injured, as she waits for a weapon of choice to warm up she’s given a choice to the path she’s about to go down… and the symbolism and connection of possible pathway to hell is very well done… you’ll know what I mean if you see the film but I loved it.  Having seen his first feature “Raymond Did It” and then “Bloom” I have every confidence that Travis Legge will just get better and better in time.

Travis’s only set back is always funding but I believe this film packs a good punch and I was happy to be a part of it in some way.

i recommend this film to definitely see it in the coming months and hope that it is successfully recieved. Enjoy!

Starring Danielle Doetsch as Justine, Shellilynn as Moll, Matthias Kocur as
Funeral Mourner, Ricardo Thurmond as
Ricky, Travis Legge as Homeless Man, Dave Juehring as Pawn Broker, Joseph Mistretta as Eric, Josh Hoover as Mike, Steve Heiden as Goon #1, Brandon K. Jones as Victor, Leah Gayle as Mileen, Allison Didier as
Trish, Kevin Poole as Paco, Becky Bramlett as Waitress, Joey Grimmett as Thug, Ray Fanara as Jay, Dustin Urness as Lewis, Dessi Maloney as Stacy, Brandon Creed as

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