Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher G. Moore’s short film “Knob Goblins” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So I was surfing the Web as I’d just gotten finished reviewing Night of Something Strange when I came across a posting for a film called “Knob Goblins” so of course my curiosity was peaked… directed by Christopher G. Moore with Cinema Fuel Productions for 2015!


So apparently a mental patient named R.J. (Williams) has been brought by Dr. Blair (Griffin) to a kind of an intervention of sorts as R.J.’s brother was killed by bleeding out from where his Knob should have been…

Dr. Blair has brought him to face his fears and that the nursery tale of the Knob Goblin R.J’s parents told really isn’t real… well… just a figment of his imagination …and they’d guessed sooo wrooong…

I think and feel that that were some excellent camera shots moving towards Dr. Blair as he was speaking not to mention some interesting puppetry handiwork with the creature….


Story was simple amusing and mistifying a little so that the birth of this urban legend could be told…

i really liked this short film but I’d of liked to have seen more of it as in like a feature film.  I think a much larger story line could be used to bring this into feature length.

I recommend this for all horror and comedy lovers and hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts…

Starring Jaysen P. Buterin as Snake, Yale Giffin as Dr. Blair, Tom Gore as Ron, Christopher Houldsworth as Burton, Michael Ray Williams as R. J.


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