Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher G. Moore’s short film “Disengaged” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


So this was an earlier short film directed by Christopher G. Moore once again with Cinema Fuel Productions from 2014.

From what it looks like Wendy Pickett (Koch) was left in a town filled with the living dead of the people she once knew including her fiancé who’d almost given her a ring…


Wendy walked around in what I think was a containment zone washing the people she knew the neighbors she use to talk to keeping their skin I thin as fresh as she could… until the next day when she came out to check on them her fiancé had moved and so had everyone else…

I think this film was a somewhat romantic film about faithfulness even after the apocalypse but it also seemed like a moment in time when at least a few of the people had what seemed like drama going on in their lives But in the end your still totally fucked if your the only one left alive.

I definitely think that the effects of the zombies being frozen in time and brought to life was brilliantly portrayed plus a CGI raven that didn’t look too badly made…


It was entertaining and a well worth the watch of an earlier film of Moore’s and I think audiences and fans of horror if having watched this would not have been disappointed. I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts…

Starring Alena Koch as Wendy Pickett, Katie Carpenter as Billie Jean, Gilly Conklin as Rhonda, Tracey Coppedge as
Ms. Carruthers, Lisa Gagnon as Audrey, Nick Karner as Alan Landry, Jarod Kearney as Jason, Jeffrey Moore as Dogwalker, Jennifer Pates as Holly, James Rippe as Jude.


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