Movies Galore takes a look at director Bazz Hancher’s “Films of a Broken Mind” anthology from 2013!

Written by David Strege


To be honest I’m not really sure how I came across this anthology from Worcestershire Independent filmmaker Bazz Hancher distributed by LBM Video with White Raven Films  from 2013.

I think it’s very unique when a film maker can blend some of his already made short films into a feature film of sorts with a wraparound demon creature narrating the stories…


In “Leon’s Broken Mind” we find a man in mourning Leon (Rowbotham) over his dear mum but the noises in his head will not stop as we see him devour his own pet hamster… Leon goes out to a local video shop finds a random horror film the owner just gives to him as it wasn’t even his to rent, but the owner to lean has turned into his dad… once home with the film Leon gives into the voices… and begins an od journey of becoming a killer…


In “Bonour Monseur Trepas” A man has a nightmare of blood and winged things as he wakes up… grabs his mail then listens to some soothing music on his recordplayer… as he reads a headline of our previous story in fact…  I find this take a little odd as it seems Monseur Trepas (Varty) is an apparent run of the day next door neighbor serial killer as he seems to get enjoyment out of eating flesh and innards of animals and people… and a little bit of invited torture…


In “Darkest Secrets” a woman named Maxine drives a man over to someplace that a man or something might turn up at…

Twelve months earlier it looks like a henchman of sorts an underboss name of Charles La Font goes after a woman to figure out what’s going on with a business deal that went sour in assuming with drugs and Ray Korvax and his Brother Ricky try leaving the criminal underworld not without baggage of their own…

La Font makes a huge calculation mistake in messing with Ray’s family to send a message not to fuck with him and a bloodbath ensues… and an unexpected Victor entails…

In “”The Rogue Film Maker” this is a documentary about Bazz Hancher and retrospectives from Ross Hancher and some of the actors in his short films feel about how they came into being in or with his journey into horror and being a film maker.

To me his strongest film will for me be Darkest Secrets though it’s hard to describe I’ve always loved The crime lord type concept where there’s a bit of an underworld and there’s a bit of a twist so it helps.  Now I think I will have a small partial leniency of like towards Leon as he was quite taken over by those voices… plus  Leon’s Broken Mind was quite gory and sadistic for the low budget he had…

In a weird way I enjoyed this psychotic trio of films I find it interesting that he will not be afraid to commit animal cruelty, plus I have my favorite of the shorts in my mind but I certainly would recommend this anthology for those who enjoy it doesn’t make sense but not supposed to. Plus I love how in the documentary some of them insult him or tell us they’ll never work with him again lol Enjoy!

Starring Bazz Hancher as Old Man/ Bar Man/ Himself, Kieron Hazel as Video Shop Proprietor, Mick Rendell as Father, Richard Rowbotham as Leon, Thomas Lee Rutter as Tramp/ Himself, Kelly Griffiths as Neighbour, Sarah Knowles as Daughter, James Underwood as Victim in the freezer/ Himself, Kevin Varty as Monsieur Trepas, Andrew Wright as Dad, Zoe Booth as Katie, Andrew Brakewell as Maxine’s Driver, John Cooper as Motor Bike Rider, Steve Coussens as Ray Korvax, Doug Forrester as Body Guard 2, Ross Hancher as Mac/ Himself, Jim Heal as Brian/ Himself, Jenny Knight as Maxine, Mark North as Police Officer, Simon Rathbone as Brians Mate, Sarah Rose as Carly, Richard Rowbotham as Nailer/ Himself, Joel Smith as Ricky, Richard Taylor as Mr. LaFont, David Ward as Mr. LaFonts Driver, Adam Woodhouse as Body Guard 1, Michael Stack as Himself, Richard Taylor as Narrator, Jules Underwood as Herself, Kim Ward as


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