Movies Galore takes a look at director Andreas Marschall’s “Masks” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Now I realize this was filmed back in 2011 and it’s probably Been reviewed countless time already but this film really took me back to the 80’s with such masterpiece’s like Dario Argento’s Suspiria which I feel this film has a very strong influence from…

Directed by Andreas Marschall (Tears of Kali, Graphic artist behind the film posters of Jorg Buttergeit’s film posters for Nekromantik 1 and 2) with prestige and a slow journey into the violence that can be displayed silently behind gritted teeth and steel reserve… From Reelgore Releasing..

I’ll be honest I wish it had been dubbed as it always hard for me to enjoy subtitled films, understand I want to watch a film not read the entire way but the beauty of this film enchanted myself into its spiral web of a tale…


Stella (Ermich) is a beautiful aspiring actress, tired of failed auditions and almost at her wits end is told of a prestigious school from Berlin, the Matteusz Gdula Institute that had a peculiar method of Teaching that she should audition for with strict acting classes.


In the 70s a teacher by the name of Matteusz Gdula practiced a specific method of acting that killed many students then later committed suicide…

When Stella first arrives at the Institute she arrives with her boyfreind.  As with all schools this one is run with many competitive young students as veterans of the class treat Stella like the “New Girl On The Block” and in the first audition we meet another stronger character of the film one of the Head Mistress’s Roza Janowska (Ritter).


After a few days of settling in a guest of the school and possibly a former student is allowed back to class her name is Cecile (Witt) whom Stella reluctactantly and instantly become freindly with one another (in more ways then one).


As Stella had arrived at the school there was a girl that had run in front of her boyfriends car that the police came to investigate about… and about this time Cecile disappeared as well…


After returning to class the next day realizing Cecile wasn’t to return Stella and another female student whom was already a rival had a heated argument and fight which brought about being expelled from the class… but not from the school…

Madame Janowska then took her to some rooms within the school to teach her the Gdula Method…


There I will stop there are things I didn’t mention but when I watched this film the other night for the first time it really made an impact on me.  I’m almost dead sure the acting was phenomenal on Susan Ehrmich’s end as well as Janowski’s character… there was an erotic feel to the film as well that fealt haunting…andmaybe it seems I’m writing a lot of big and pretty words about the film but this one was really enjoyable for myself.


There was certainly a twist and I believe agenerous nod to the Italian Gailo from the 60s and 70s.  Well Done. I most assuredly recommend for all horror fans and hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the film my Galoreans!

Starring Susen Ermich as Stella, Magdalena Ritter as Roza Janowska, Julita Witt as Cecile, Norbert Losch as Matteusz Gdula, Dieter Rita Scholl as Kaspar, Michael Siller as Florian, Marcel Trunsch as Reporter, Stefanie Grabner as Lenka, Teresa Nawrot as Yolanda, Sonali Wiedenhöfer as Valeri, Franziska Breite as
Britt, Katja Lawrenz as Lydia, Michael Balaun as Dr. Braun, Dominika Otlewska-Dräger as Teacher Dominika, Nadja Herzog as Frau Schreiber, Maximilian Rüthlein as
Siegfried Held, Nico Ousman Corr as Tommi, Simon Baptiste Mayer as Marc, Lena Coskuner as Dream Sister, Laura von Cappeln as Laura, Oliver Gruca as Daniel, Veronica Naujoks as Tia, Lisa Blaschke as Marie, Diana Klutt as Dana, Rudolf Hübner as Inspector, Nadine da Cruz Oliveira as
Police Officer, Dörte Manzke as Stella’s Mother, Mathilda Rademacher as Young Stella, Lucyna Bialy as Polish Singer, Andreas Lossau as Caretaker, Hans-Christian Görger as Caretaker Assistant, Caner Demir as Student, Daniela Rupprechter as Student, Janina Kulik as
Student, Sidem Güngören as Student, Simone Hofer as Student, Tima die Göttliche as Teacher (as Timo Lewandovsky), Beate Maria Schulz as
Teacher, Sophia Ritz as Teacher, Beatrice Valentino as Teacher, Anatol Weber as
Teacher, Lothar Wenz as Teacher, Peter Wittig as Teacher, Peter Donath as
Theater Director, Alexander Matakas as
Theater Actor, Rahel Marschall as
Child in Park, Nora Marschall as Child in Park, Jan-Philipp Jarke as Inspector Blonksteiner, Janina Klinger as Documentary Filmmaker, Olivera Becker as Zora, Zübeyde Bulut as Stine as Luise Ruhnau as Lia, Philip Jung as Bene, Tanja Hoffmann as Josy, Malin Dodin as Malin, Sarah Graf as Helen, Alexander Lammers as Lars.


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