Movies Galore takes a look at Director Jim Hosking’s first full leight feature film “The Greasy Strangler” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


This had to be about one of the oddest films I’ve ever seen… directed by Jim Hosking with Sponsers Filmrise, Spectrevision, Fantastic Fest, Rook Films, Timpson Films, Madman and BFI comes this LA tale of father and son. I also heard that this film was gaining attention at the Sundance festival.


Bullshit Artist, Big Ronnie (The Video Dead Star Michaels) lives with adult son Big Braydon who basically cooks his every meal in their underwear, as they both run a disco tour of sorts for musicians on where they’ve lived or died or ate in LA.  Big Brayden (Elobar) reminds my of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber with his monotone voice and often fuddydudness.

Also it appears that there is a killer going around being labeled as “The Greasy Strangler” whom strangles people leaving grease spots at the crime scenes…


As the film goes on there’s a groupie odd chubby looking woman named Janet (Razzo) that seems to have latched on to Braydon.  Soon it becomes apparent that Big Ronnie is also vying for Janet’s attention but jealousy displays that Big Ronnie is in fact “The Greasy Strangler” stopping by a car wash every time he kills to get rid of the evidence.

Not only is it strangely amusing it is somewhat entertaining to watch as it seems Michael St. Michaels some most definite fun playing Big Ronnie. There is a moment where he dances alone to his own amusement in a Purple onesie with his member sticking out that’s absolutely hilarious.


But I also feel the film was and has been hyped as being one of the best films of 2016.  I do not agree for though it was amusing and comical was also very slow In the telling of the film. It could have kept a better pace and though the Rootie Tootie chanting was chanted and funny at first it was overly chanted and annoying.  It was amusing though for one time view it’s hard to like something entirely this off the wall.

The ending of the film was somewhat discombobulated so I do have mixed feelings on this film… can you both like things and dislike things in a film?

I guess my favorite part is when Braydon and Janet are doing it, she’s on top “Am I doing it Right, Janet am I?” Haha I’d say a disjointed horror comedy more comedy than horror… I guess in the end it didn’t exactly impress me as much as it did others but was entertaining maybe the color pink turns me off 🙂 enjoy!

Starring Michael St. Michaels as Big Ronnie, Sky Elobar as Big Brayden, Elizabeth De Razzo as Janet, Gil Gex as
Big Paul, Abdoulaye NGom as Senegalese Tourist, Holland MacFallister as Scandinavian Tourist, Sam Dissanayake as
Indian Tourist, Joe David Walters as Oinker, John Yuan as Vendor, Matt Yuan as
Vendor, Mel Kohl as Vendor, Sal Koussa as
Ricky Prickles, Jesse Keen as Big Thaddeus, Carl Solomon as Danny The Crooner, Dana Haas as Big Heinie, Darrell Keith Harris as
Tour taker tourist.

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