Movies Galore takes a look at Director Alberto Barone’s first Exploitation short film “Gelosia – Vendetta D’ Amore” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by director Alberto Barone’s first short film working with Ingravisione Productions for 2017 coming all the way from Germany baby!

A young woman is being wheeled on a stretcher, head bandaged, lips red…  given smelling salts and grabs the nurse to whisper words…We then hear the thoughts of a man claiming he can’t look at his wife anymore because of the way she looks let alone an erection.. as we then see a preist getting a blowjob then pegging a nun…

As I realize exactly what I’m watching is the sexual perverted fantasies of a man having to deal with a disfigured wife after an accident almost like Sin City and Erotic Grindhouse have a sex orgy and created this love child… I think this’ll be a definitely crazy hit as there are many, and I mean many visuals that will satisfy as well as humoresque in its nature of its telling.  Wicked and fun in one kit and caboodle enjoyed it extremely and recommend seeing! It’s also related to horror for the fact of his erotic doings have been found out by his victimized and dumped wife, did I tell you that the German language can also sound sexy! If coming to a festival near you… definitely go see enjoyed it!

Starring Milton Welsh, Manoush, Kristina Kostiv, Tara Rubin, Lana Vegas, Alexa Van Unique.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Emir Skolanja’s feature “Flesh of My Flesh” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Fox Trot Productions and Sean Patrick Sarmak teamed together once again for this black and white experience once again this film was originally distributed by Legless Corpse films at first but now are is going over to Daniel Koehnen with Underground Gorellector Films in a Softcase DVD edition sometime in the coming months so look out…


So the beginning of the film we hear words of darkness and what looks like a freakish like clan or family a possible rape between one of these freakish looking people…

A typical teenage girl name Sarah (Houlihan) and her freind Rebecca (Meyer) walk home after the last day of school she gets home from school gets the 4th degree from her mother (Heidi Wilczak) about college and her future.

So she goes and spends the day on the trails near a lake of sorts getting drunk doing girly things like complain about how her parents are acting… something strange happens as Sarah starts to have a tippy vision of skulls and blood and a man stating come back to us come back to your family…

Feverish her mom and dad, Bob are worried but because of the things she’s saying they call on some psychic freinds of her fathers Judy and Glen… something’s possessed Sarah and it’s not ordinary…


I feel like this is a film that some people can relate to on a level of small town, demonic possession, feelings of being raped,  occultism with no CGI just visuals and camera angles so I feel this is more of a visual journey of the mind to trip you out…

I also think that the emo metal music intermixed in with the emotions that Sarah is going through from the pressures of life so she is in that open mindedness of being vulnerable to the unknown… the demons of ones mind (Al Baker) makes a great lead Demon by the way…

There are moments that drag but like I said there is some surrealism that her mind, Sarah’s goes through and think this is more of an arthouse horror film.


What does one do when you find out your the product of a demonic Rape especially if a cult of the blood god was behind it?

I don’t think this film will be for everyone but I did enjoy watching this film.  I recommend this feature for those who are willing to try out indie films.  I recommend it for sure enjoy! Definitely a trip!

Starring Al Baker as Demon, Michael Balch as Cult Member #4, Catherine Brundage as
Cult Member #6, Shawn M. Essler as
Cult Member #2 (as Shawn Essler), Victoria Haines as Cult Member #5, Michelina Houlihan as Sarah, Kira Meyer as Rebecca, Lori Dolan Meyer as Maggie, David Michael Monk as Cult Member #1, Kara Robbins as Cult Member #3, Sean Patrick Saramak as Bob, Mercedes Schieffelin as Contortionist Girl, Krystal Shenk as Judy, Gary Christopher Turner as Glen, Heidi Wilczak as Mother.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Emir Skolanja’s feature “The Butcher” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Working under Fox Trot Productions with Welsh Dragon Films, and Sean Patrick Saramak and Extreme Horror Cinema “The Butcher” was Originally distributed with Legless Corpse Films but now no longer and believe in the next few months will be Distributed underneath Underground Gorellectors Films in a Clamshell softcase Edition very soon… that being said…

The film opens into what appears to be a torture room in Buffalo as we here a news cast interview describe what a psychologist describes “The Butcher’s” Behavior as the camera pans in on a hooded figure sharpening a knife with a scarred face…


A young woman awakens tied as we see tools, a gloved hand and the back of our killer in question (Sean Saramak), and looks like he’s wearing a mask made of skin and a butchers apron as he clubs her upside her head with the tang of his weapon of choice.

Meanwhile Lori (Meghan Saramak) is with her Gay friend Mickey (Thrift) as he suggests for her to do some online dating while “The Butcher” on the other hand selects a second victim…


The Second Vic. wakes up same as the first only this time instead of silence we here “The Butcher” talking to his victim start to threaten her then chokes her violently…

Lori on the other hand goes on her first date and explains that her job is as county Coroner, I wonder how that would go over lightly that you examine dead people on a date anyhow hehe.

You can’t put this feature in your normal sense of a slasher as theres definitely more gore and torture but you can certainly classify it in a home invasion of a serial kind of Butchery.


Horror fans these days just want to see how many ways a person can get chopped up in little bits and pieces as Skolanja almost tampers into Snuff Film territory.  That taboo SOV that that almost seems real but isn’t.


Sean Patrick Saramak certainly seams to get into his role as a mentally unstable killer as he seems to talk to himself as well as hear things not even screamed or said…

I believe there was a moment in the kitchen I noticed Meghan Saramak who played Lori messed up on one line but that can be overlooked as that seems to be the only part I saw a fuck up but other than this I think the gore fans will be impressed.  I’m not sure whether I should say whether I enjoyed this film but it certainly isn’t unwatchable if you get into this type of film.  Certainly entertaining what do you think?


Starring Kay Baun as Katie, Elizabeth Becker as Victim #2, Sam Jindra as Meghan, Joshua McDonald as Steven Vickers, Devon Metzger as Meredith Jackson, Meghan Saramak as Lori, Sean Patrick Saramak as Bill / The Butcher, Nicole Skalonja as Victim #1, Bill Smith as
Chad, Richard Thrift as Gay Mickey.

You’ll be able to purchase from Daniel Koehnen’s

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Ricardo Islas feature “To Kill A Killer” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


Working with ACI del Sol Productions and Producer Salomon Carmona “Night Fangs” Director Ricardo Islas from Chicago once again distributes with SGL Entertainment to bring us a thriller of the psychotic kind.

A young Mexican woman starts to cross over the border when her transportation breaks down… middle of nowhere,  a shadow of a man in a truck stops as the woman flags the vehicle down.  Running her over we next see her naked and bloodied as this shadow of a man takes pictures as she just begs him to finish her off… I forgot how sexy the sound of the Spanish accent as I’m watching this film really is…

As well yet another woman young like her, named Anabelle (Jimenez) is speaking or telling her story to a psychologist about her husband… and their life on the other side of the border. Salomon (Carmona) worked for the Mexican Cartel as a hitman but once his daughter was born so was his conscience as well as his chances of finishing a hit that he was hired to kill for… Now he and his wife are on the run…

Running into some racist Border patrol cops on the way… Salomon and his wife Anabelle are warned to stay clear of trouble saying America Has Laws that could very well take their child away….

Ultimately this is the story of how one man tries to turn away from a life of crime and no matter what he does to try to rid himself of the life he can not escape that and with a wife like Anabelle who much preferred the rich lifestyle forced to learn again how to kill a killer…

I really liked this film it has several twists and has a very dark subject matter but this carried the type of crazy one does not think about where it comes to the life of the assassin.  The acting was spot on except for the character whom played the man Salomon was supposed to have killed his acting was a little shaky but than his role wasn’t supposed to have been for long anyhow.

I’d almost put this in the typecast as some of the Italian Gaillo films of like the 1970s early 80s.  The Story was slightly slow in the telling but that’s ok, I think this was a very decent film and has been added in my mind as one of my favorite films, the list keeps growing…

I recommend this film for sure and hope you as well enjoy!

Starring Jorge Reynoso as Professor / Assasin, Dominic Capone as Carl, Salomón Carmona as Salomon, Tony De Leon as Tony, Pat Germano as American Photographer, Lyndsey Jimenez as Anabelle, Winter Jones as Security Guard (as Tony Yalda), Tenigue Mathieu as Model, David Richter as Security Guard, Nanci Carol Ruby as Psychologist, Hugo Stiglitz as Marcus Andrade, Natalia Trejos as
Meliza (credit only).

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Daniel Murphy from HM&M Films newest feature “Blood Moon River” from 2017

Written by David Strege


From the that dynamic duo that brought us “And Then You Die” and “Night of the Dolls” along with “House of Whores” soon to be trilogy comes the first crowdfunded feature by HM&M films director Daniel Murphy with his trusty scribe Tom Komisar…

So Blood Moon River is filmed like a found on footage type film to begin with Crystal (Shrader) and her girlfreind Angie go on a camping trip with to meet up with A tv show called “Debunked” at a place called Blood Moon River.


The girls get there befor the crew arrives, they here noises and definitely some hot lesbian action in the begining sequence.

Altogether this is a werewolf feature where  it’s set in a place that has a legend a film crew goes out to film and blood begins to spill… while on there way to film their web series they are already woried about their freinds… Angie and Crystal.

I’m not going to say much more than this but I wanted to say something about the feel of the film.   The thing about independent films is that most of these films are put together with some great group of people who definitely have some chemistry of freindship and that’s what I see here as I love Ghost Adventures, and ghost hunting I definitely love the vibe so far…

I also think that if Daniel Murphy wasn’t a cool director he wouldn’t have so many returning actors from previous films like Eric Reaume as Finch, whom played a pizza Boy in House of Whores so if you’ve followed HM&M Films like I have to have a larger role must be really cool for the guy.

As well as Linda Shrader as Crystal though role was Small ya had to remember her role in House of Whores if you’ve seen it.

There’s certainly some eye candy in the Ladies of the feature so that’s definitely a plus.  Tom Komisar makes an interesting appearance as Pa the leader of a hillbilly Clan…


I’d say check this film out I highly recommend it and look out the film coming your way.

PS: I contributed to the film so it might make me bias but I wanted to write something up anyway…

Starring Lindsey McIntire as Drive Thru Girl, Linda Schrader as Crystal, Jack Norman as Wolf, Daniel Murphy as Skeeter
Cameron Scott as Junior, Tom Komisar as Pa, Shane Crawford as Body Guard, Stan Traylor as Derek, Sara Ingram as Angie,
Cara McConnell as Trena, James Michael as
Cletus, R.J. Cecott as Eddie, Naphatia St Pierre as Janelle, Tony Walters as Hans,
Rebekah Erb as Inka, Eric Reaume as Finch, Sydney Dean as Sasha.

Movies Galore Interviews local Director Melonie Gartner about her two Short films “Two Rivers” and “Where The Great Spirits Live” check it out!

Written by David Strege an Interview and almost a portrait in time of this talented young director Melonie Gartner!


 MGOM: First let’s begin begin with your name, where your from, and What were your inspirations for becoming a director of independent films?

MG: My name is Melonie Gartner. I was born in Saigon and grew up in Chicago. My biggest inspiration for becoming a director/film maker of independent films is Mr. Mark Borchardt himself. I walked into the library in Two Rivers and saw the film “American Movie” sitting on the shelf, and my life was changed forever.

MGOM: Why did you choose horror? Or at least the genre your creating in Independent Film?

MG: I have loved psychological thriller since I was little. My Mom was a big Hitchcock fan and told me about some of the films she loved. “Psycho” was one of her favorite. She had me very intrigued at an early age. I remember yearning to watch “Psycho”, but was too young

MGOM: What kind of challenges did you have in making “Two Rivers”?


MG: I’d say budget. I was on a tight budget, but didn’t want to compromise when it came to the quality of the film. I didn’t want my budget to stand in the way. Thankfully, I met a DP with skills and not money on his mind.

Another challenge was shooting the outdoor scenes. The weather could be unpredictable. We shot “Two Rivers” in June, and I had to wear long johns underneath my jeans. It also rained a lot that year. Several times we had to cancel a shoot due to rain.

MGOM: “Where The Great Spirits Live”?

MG: With “WTGSL”, I had many actors involved plus a big crew, lots bigger than “Two Rivers”. So, to coordinate to shoot a scene, I had to work with everybody’s schedule, which could be challenging.


On top of that, I had to work with the time line of when we could have the locations for. There were four locations total. You can say that I spent lots of time on pre-production to make “WTGSL” happen.

With “WTGSL”, we had a time line of when we could shoot.

Yes, as we had to shoot some outdoor scenes, the latest in the year to do so was late November. Anything later than that would not work. It would get too cold for everybody to be outdoor for a long period of time, and to shoot a scene could take hours. There was also a scene of Emma at the lake, in which the character would have to be in the water. We couldn’t have snow or frost.

MGOM: Did you have a favorite scene or shot you remember that you can share from “Two Rivers”?

MG: One of my favorite scenes is at the water fountain where that’s when you get a first glimpse of another side of Emma. It’s very subtle; it’s in the grin. Another scene is at the ice cream shop, when Emma savors her sundae and uses the suitcase as a table. However, my most favorite scene is when Emma is at the pier and she looks up into the sky. You can hear her scarf flapping in the wind, and she was in a trance.

MGOM: “Where The Great Spirits Live”?


MG: With “WTGSL”, I love all the scenes that Mark is in. He is such a good actor and really shows his vulnerable and sensitive side in this film. One scene that stands out in my mind is when he meets Emma downtown. It’s the “look of love” that he gives her, so sweet and tender really contrary to what other characters in the film think of him.

I also like the scene when Emma appears in Dirke’s motel room, sitting on his bed. Mark is so fantastic reacting to that.

The hospital scene, the conversation between Dr. Eden and Dirke, Mark had Dr. Eden’s Mom (she was there for the entire shoot at the hospital) crying every time he delivered the line “she’s the only one”. Mark blew me and other people away with this acting ability. If I could give him an Oscar for playing Dirke, I would.


MGOM: Where did you happen to film “Two Rivers”?                  

MG: We filmed “Two Rivers” in Two Rivers, Wisconsin – the birth place of the ice cream sundae. Hence, you can see Emma eating one toward the end of the film to celebrate a new beginning.

MGOM: “Where The Great Spirits Live”?

MG: We filmed “WTGSL” in Manitowoc, WI. “Where the Great Spirits Live” means Manitowoc in English. The film features some beautiful landmarks in Manitowoc. And I have to mention that the people in Manitowoc was very supportive of this project and made it possible for us to film at the locations where we were at. They were very gracious and supportive.

MGOM: Who were your make up artists for “Two Rivers” and “Where The Great Spirits Live”? And how were your relationships with them during production?

MG: I was the make up artist for “Two Rivers”. To learn how to create a bruise, I found some tutorials on You Tube. That was really the only thing that took some time for me to tackle. Other than that, everything else was ordinary, every-day make up.

For “WTGSL”, I was fortunate enough to have a friend of mine, who happened to be a genius at “horrorish” make up, who also ran a haunted house in “Two Rivers” and built everything in that place himself. It’s quite an attraction every year at Halloween. His name is John Schwarz Jr., who is really an artist in his own right. John came on board and helped with make up and set design. He also had a part in the film. He played one of the bar guys in the first bar scene. I’m very fortunate and grateful to have the master to help me with “WTGSL”.

With “TR”, I didn’t know Mark Borchardt very well. I was intimidated and nervous to be in a scene with the cult figure filmmaker and actor. But, Mark really is the sweetest guy with absolutely no ego and really made me feel at ease. By the time that we filmed the prequel, I was very comfortable with Mark. I could really let my hair down. He was also very kind and sweet to all the crew members. On my part, I had been friends with the crew members, and everybody really came together to help me with the film. We worked long hours, and everybody had so much fun together. I remember telling Mark “to have all these people showing up to help me with the film, I must have done something right”.

MGOM: How do you think your characters or effects turned out after production for “Two Rivers” and or “Where The Great Spirits Live”?

MG: I think the characters of Dirke and Emma turned out to be very interesting. The chemistry between Dirke and Emma is intriguing and different between “TR” and its prequel.

MGOM: Did you have any problems casting for either short film? And how was your relationship with your casts and the rest of your crew or crews for “Two Rivers” and or “Where The Great Spirits Live”?

MG: I didn’t have any problems casting for the films. All the actors you see in my films are my friends and most of them are stage actors. They showed up and knew what to do, how to play their characters without much direction. They made it very easy for me.   All of us get along well; I have known all of them for some years and I was fortunate to have them on board.

MGOM: Is there anything else that you’d like to ad? If you have some possible new film in development why don’t you tell us a little about it? If not will we see more of your talent?

MG: At this point, I will need to take a little break to recharge my batteries. It has been pretty whirlwind since 2014 until now making 2 films back to back. When the time is right, I will start writing again and tackle the sequels to “Two Rivers”. Frankly, I’m itching to write right now, but I don’t think it’s a good idea when my head is crammed with so many things. It’s good to take a step back, breathe a little and start again with a fresh mind.

And, thank you David for your kind words and for your time.

MGOM: Our pleasure we shall be following your career and thanks for taking the time to pick your brain about the films within your schedule!

Movies Galore Interviews director Ryan Meade on feature film “Creature Feature: Triple Feature” Documentary “Invaluable” check it Out!

Written by David Strege


So I’m glad that you’ve agreed Mr. Ryan Meade to this interview…

MGOM: First let’s begin begin with your name, where your from, and What were your inspirations for becoming a director of independent films?

RM: My name is Ryan Meade and I’ve been making little movies since I was eleven or twelve. What inspired me to start making movies was Dark Man and Evil Dead 2 at that age.

MGOM: Why did you choose horror? Or at least the genre your creating in Independent Film?

RM: My mom use to watch nothing but horror films in my house growing up and she was at the premiere of evil dead (called Book of the Dead at the time) at the Redford Theatre in Michigan back in the early 80’s. She lived just a few miles from that theatre and went to school with Hal Delrich’s sister. Horror has always been a part of the family so to speak.

MGOM: What kind of challenges did you have in making your “Creature Feature: Triple Feature”?

RM: What kind of challenges did I face during CTF? My mom passed away while I was making the film. She was diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live. She insisted I finish the film. I was the only person to take care of her at the time and told her that would only be possible if we ahoy the rest of the movie in her front yard and at her house. So that’s what I did. She was the first person to see the film. I took her ashes to the films premiere in royal oak Michigan. Good times.

MGOM: “Invaluable”?

RM: INVALUABLE was a five year filming and editing process I had no idea would take that long. The hardest part of INVALUABLE was knowing when to stop editing. I’ve got so much footage I’ve cut together two films from the footage.

MGOM: Did you have a favorite scene or shot you remember that you can share from “Creature Feature: Triple Feature” Or “Invaluable”?

RM: My favorite part or scene in INVALUABLE is when we went to Tennessee to visit the cabin location with Tom Sullivan himself. We smoked a big phat joint me and tom next to the chimney enjoying the peace and quiete there. Amazing memories. I filmed it too. Hahaha

MGOM: Who were your make up artists for “Creature Feature”,”Invaluable”? And how were your relationships with any of them during any of these productions?

RM: I had a makeup person for one day on CTF. I did everything else myself. She did some hair and makeup. We’re still friends. Tonya carrier is her name. She was great to work with.

MGOM: Is there anything else that you’d like to ad? If you have some possible new film in development or an older project why don’t you tell us a little more about it? If not will we see more of your talent?

RM: Thanks for the time. I’m shooting another film here in Michigan very soon and have an amazing script. I’ll let you know when that’s done and send you out a screener friend.

Well Mr. Ryan Meade we thank you so much for your time and for letting me dig deep inside your Creative mind!


Thanks Again!

Movies Galore Takes a look at Director Ryan Meade’s feature “Creature Feature: Triple Feature from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Director Ryan Meade from Virus International Motion Pictures is a triple feature of his Short films.

In “Cosmos Locos”


This short segment is like Mallrats meets John Waters where Ryan (Cover) wakes up to his girlfriend dumping him, still lives with his mom, works in a comic book store and narrates the story so definitely has some Mallrat influences but that’s ok!

Throw in the book of the dead, pot smoking, some bad guys and Emily his ex girlfriends brother coming to kick his ass I really think this has some comedy for sure… Tom Sullivan making A special appearance…

Oh my lord the way Ryan runs is pathetic…

Starring Josh Becker as Bob, Meagan Carter as Emily, Terence Lee Cover as Ryan, Mike Kammer as Marcus, Jessica McVety as
Ashley, Errol Ross as Errol, Tom Sullivan as
Tom Sullivan, Jason Vickery as Andy.

In “Frankenstein’s Fatal Flying Guilotine”


Narrated like a bed time story, two rednecks are driving along a deserted road when the came across a tombstone and dug up none other than Frankenstein’s Monster under a full moon and you better learn that Kung fu Dracula Style as some freakish battle for centuries continues between these two universal creatures…

But can Dracula withstand Frankie’s latest weapon of death… And his werewolf companion…

Starring Lauren Abbott as Vampire Slut, Chelsea Danic as Vampire Slut, Terence Lee Cover as Frankenstein, Patrick L. Dear as Chris the Redneck #1 (as Patrick Dear), Mike Kammer as Josh the Redneck, Candice Burgess as The Bride, Jessica McVety as Troll, Brandon Balentine as B.Mac’s Body, Nakia Vickery as Frankenstein Jr., Talon as Lions Maine, Mike Dalton as Thunder Pants, Craig Longhair as Noodle Nuggets, Mike Manz as Lizard Lips, Scott Bridson as Monkey Boy,  Evan Milka as Wolfman, Katie Meyers as A Hooker, Izzy Fifield as Betty Hardass, Emily Allen as Switchblade Stacy, Kade as Billy the Kid, Errol Ross as Pimp, Nathan Rumler as Dracula, and Ryan Meade as the Homeless Filmmaker.

In “Bong Fly”


So a group of freinds in Michigan are toking on a bong watching a stupid film probably one of Bill Ze Bub’s older films when they begin to prank and mistakenly call a cop played by Hal Delrich.

The things you do when best buds get high… Party and cause trouble… without even thinking about it…

Starring Terence Lee Cover as Terence, Richard DeManincor as Detective Lamos, Evan Milka as Evan, Errol Ross as Errol, and Hal Delrich in his first role since Sam Raimi’s “Crime Wave.”

You know I think it really doesn’t matter what anyone really thinks.  I give this man kudos for achieving a dream and to work with actors from his favorite film from Evil Dead.  I loved all three of these short films as each of them are current and relative to some of the times…

“Bong Fly” kind of reminds me of Milwaukee’s East Side back when I played in a Band called Foot on Booth Street.  There were so many backyard music parties on the east side that remind me that what went down in Bong Fly could very well have happened.  There are hippies and people dumb enough to do that.

“Frankenstein’s Fatal Flying Guilotine” is probably an ode to grindhouse martial arts films of the 70’s like that of “Master of the Flying Guilotine” and or “The Five Deadly Venoms” that with the horror aspect and comedy was my favorite section of this Creature Feature: Triple Feature.

Altogether this was fun to watch and the effects weren’t too badly corny either definietly some unique ways to hide blood splatter and severed limbs…

I certainly recommend this for other horror enthusiasts!


Movies Galore takes a look at Melonie Gartner’s Prequel “Two Rivers” Short “Where The Great Spirit’s Live” for 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Serendipity Films Director Melonie Gartner who brought her short film “Two Rivers” to us last year at the “Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festival, as well as premiering at many of our local festivals including Wildwood Film Festival…

The story once again brings us back to her fabled Dirke (Borchardt) and Emma (Gartner) (I love that this is in B/w by the way) who lived together after failed job efforts in an apparently abusive situation where Emma turns the tables…


“Where The Great Spirits Live” gives us a glimpse into the ghosts of Dirke and Emma’s meeting and the start of an obsessive romance.  There is definitely some seasoned cinematography in this prequel.  I don’t want to tell a whole lot but I love the way she entangled another decent rising Wisconsin director’s short film Pity by John Pata, uniquely in with Dirke’s Character as well as building into more of the atmosphere of the town Around Emma and Dirke.  I feel as if we are only seeing the beginning and wow Melonie that look in the end… most people will see how you act in real life and be like… is that really you?


In any case look out for this film in the near future as I feel that this tale is not yet complete and is fun to see it unravel… I recommend that if your a festival goer try and go to see both if you can … I believe your in for a treat!

Starring Mark Borchardt as Dirke, Threse Powell as Bartender, Melonie Gartner as
Emma, Molly Raduenz as Extra at Theater, John Salzman as Extra at Theater, Tina Salzman as Doctor Eden, Charles Allger as
Bar Guy, Christine Honzik as Extra at Bar, Nina Radue as Extra at Theater, Judy Irish as Extra at Bar, JerriLynn Burkart as
Bar Lady, Kate Koubaddy as Extra at Theater, Jeffrey Michael Eis as Man #2 at Lake, Ellen Peronto as Theater Manager, Cole Preston as Theater Worker #2, Stian Hang as Extra at Bar & Theater, Jeffrey Micheal Eis as Extra at Theater, Jerome Bohman as Man #1 at Lake, Phillip Wilcox as Bar Man #2, Ami Randall as Extra at Bar & Theater, John Schwarz Jr. as Bar Man #1, Diane Salzman as Extra at Theater, Kevin James Sievert as Theater Worker #1.

Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago based Director Ricardo Islas’s Lesbian Vampire Killer film “Night Fangs” from 2005

Written by David Strege


Since I can’t find any earlier films of Chicago based Director Ricardo Islas (Head Crusher – 1999) I guess this shall be my first review of his from SGL Entertainment.

I really feel that “Night Fangs” had a direct influence of Carmilla, Countess Dracula, Vampyres etc. the female version of Dracula with a lesbian Twist, Jess Franco and Hammer were some of the many attempts at variations of The so called erotic Vampire which is exactly I think what Islas tries to accomplish…

Jennifer Sommers (Frank) an art teacher is a rather obviously pleasantly plump woman somewhat controlled by Lupe (Dulay) a vampire also her lover as Jennifer helps bring Lupe victims under her erotic spell.


Amy (Gonzalez) is Jennifer’s lead student but Amy’s boyfriend and fellow classmates become suspicious of time being spent after hours when hearing about a local young man that went missing…

One thing I like about this film is the nod to Spanish actor Paul Naschy as (Islas) plays Professor Naschy who begins to investigate the killings as well as helping and getting involved in helping out the students…


Another is something I always look for is diversity where it truly shouldn’t matter your weight size this gave the lead female who is pleasently plump yet a decent looking woman as well a chance to act as well.  Where as Hollywood seems to have this concept that women must be either thinner or flat chested.

There is some nudity, but altogether instead of vampires being that of bloodletters and or the kind to turn into blood drinkers… Islas vampires were more like Zombies as they the film turned into more of an eatery gore fest than ur regular turn of the century vampire.   Out of place were the sounds of cheetahs or roaring of lions like that that you would hear from National Geograpic/Animal Planet.

Did I enjoy this film well yeah,  kind of laughed a little at the animal sounds but it is really, really slow…


To me all film makers have a begining and when they start on literally no budget you try to substitute it with enough ingenuity to be believable.

I recommend seeing this film even though I can see it’s faults I really feel that if Islas tapped into gore films he’d definitely do well if he put his mind to it but all directors have different ideas so up to you… besides I believe he did… a gore film that is… certainly seemed what he was leaning more towards if not intentionally…

Starring Leslie Frank as Jennifer Sommers, Cyn Dulay as Lupe, Ricardo Islas as Professor Naschy, Ruby Gonzalez as Amy, Mark Peplow as Steve (as Mark Edwards), Nancy Gonzalez as Cindy, Andrea N. Winters as Molly, Robert Pagan as Matt (as Robert ‘Tito’ Pagan), Kenton K.V. Pennamen as Roderick, Kelso Ashby III as
Mike, Chris Margetis as The Hunter, Yvonne Nieves as Naschy’s girlfriend, Marina Muzychenko as Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Janet Bass as Iloona Joo, Kate Jones as Strangling Victim, Tricia Noens as
Stabbing Victim, Korko as Classmate #1, Erandy Romo as Classmate #2, Jessica Valenzuela as Classmate #3, Jessica Birk as
Classmate #4, Katie O’Brien as Classmate #5, Katrina Warner as Classmate #6, John Vitiritti as Carpenter, Penny Zurbrigg as Mom, Giuliana Islas as Little Girl (as Giuliana Ayala).