Movies Galore takes a look at director Jonathan Straiton’s “Night Of Something Strange” from 2016

Written by David Strege

img_3371Brought to us by WLP Films director Johnathan Straiton Of the film “She Kills” with SRC and distributed by Hurricane Bridge Entertainment come this totally fucked up, wacked out film called “The Night of Something Strange” which I find interesting that Ron Bonk of Sub Rosa Cinema has a writing credit behind as well not the only one but still…


A janitor played by (Johnson) decides to have sex with the body of a Jane Doe in a hospital morgue contracts an STD and brings it home to his trailer park wifey which then he proceeds to rape her giving her the STD which by then both are party to becoming the living dead only sexually charged…


Carrie and a group of freinds are planning a trip to a lake when on their way they stop by a rest stop where the so called Janitor had bloodied the bathroom contaminating it… which then Carrie contracted the STD and so on and so forth…

Dirk (Harrison) an army drop out and localbad boy is dating the a girl from school Pam is crunched from afar by Carrie’s Bestie Christine (Kasek) and also on his way in his sweet ride to the lake with his girl… the rest stop also had this weird creepy lady at the counter that also contracted this STD…


Not only do they all stop at the same out of the way hotel but these viral carriers have followed them and they are in for a night of more than strange happening…

On the other hand there is another twist where one of the characters is part of a cannibalistic family… will anyone be able to survive this weird sex crazed apocalypse… I think I’ll remember the cashier for years to come said an odd creepy line…


There is certainly a lovecraftian take in the conception of this film as to the nature in which the brains of these living dead creatures happens to be in the place where sex organs lay.

I think and feel if you just watch the film and enjoy it it is absolutely a fun film it jumps all over the place in a twist I won’t mention but is definitely worth the watch and the own.  There are some creature effects that certainly are outlandishly creepy as well as mysteriously laughable but isn’t that the point? If your down for some sick, sexually charged reanimation of the dead kind of movie this is totally your film! Bully in a beefcake really? Yeah right haha. Check it out I recommend it, not going to be everyones flavor but I enjoyed it.

Starring Trey Harrison as Dirk, Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine, Wayne W. Johnson as
Cornelius, Michael Merchant as Freddy, Toni Ann Gambale as Carrie, Nicola Fiore as Pam, John Walsh as Jason, Janet Mayson as Betty, Tarrence Taylor as Brooklyn, Kera O’Bryon as Sue, Wes Reid as Eugene, Billy Garberina as Woody, Al Lawler as Sunny, Kirk LaSalle as The Mailman, David Meadows as Officer, Brinke Stevens as
Teacher, Alexis Katherine as Samara, Brett Janeski as Meatball, Jennie Russo as
Female Corpse.

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