Movies Galore takes a look at director Adam Krause’s Viral Clown Short film “Gags” for 2016!

Written by David Strege


On August 1st, 2016 a viral sensation of a 6 foot tall creepy clown carrying black balloons was sighted. Which went international in the news and brought about fear in the town of Green Bay.


Later it was found out that it was all about the promotion of a short film directed by Adam Krause of Script 4 Films productions.

Even though Gags is not real it still makes you wonder about the fear that it instilled but also probably went further than director Adam Krause had intended.

The film begins with a transcript that the footage you are about to see was archived footage about three missing persons that are or were related to a police investigation into the sighting of nicknamed Greenbay Clown “Gags.

Jon, Sara and Ashley go off in search of this so called Sensation but they don’t expect to be followed home… or the events that followed… but something’s happening to Jon and it’s not funny…

i think for found footage this was a well rounded short film definitely has that aura of creepiness about it.  And though the phenomenon involved in the promotion of the film scared quite a bit of people in Green Bay… wasn’t that the fucking point I mean it certainly attracted interest.

I do also think the actor and actresses did play their parts well.  And I look forward to what Mr. Krause can produce in the future. Also on March 31st, 2017 you’ll be able to get a chance to see it if you grab yourself a ticket to go see this phenomenon at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams film festival I enjoyed it and I hope the horror fiend in you will too.   I hear it’s also planning to become a full feature too so check this out if you can for sure! Enjoy!

Starring Cory Allen Estreen as Jon, Taylor Huff as Sara, Ashley Magnin as Ashley, Eric Heuvelman as Gags.

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