Movies Gal take a look at Brian Barsuglia’s short film “Champaign Dreams” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


Since BLB MEDIA and SoCal Productions is coming out with another film on VOD and DVD I thought I’d go back before Aaron’s House and Zombie Farm by Director Brian Barsuglia as you can find “Champaign Dreams” on the special edition Directors Cut of “Dementia: An Experiment In Terror.”

A man we later find out is named Bobby walks to a hotel room with a weapon inside a newspaper to an unknown victim.  Sean is a mentally challenged young man with a disability and walks in at the wrong moment, meeting an unexpected Killer.  He lives with a freind Sandy and just got a medal from special Olymics…

Unfortunately for Sean who doesn’t know any better he has his last meal…

I think this film is about regret even though a job had to be done in order to retrieve an amount of money from an employer… I also think that this film portrays how a man with a disability can be gullible as I myself have aspbergers syndrome can relate especially the moment Sean has a bottle of Champagne in his hand and he figures out how to open it before…

The film suggests it could go either way i certainly enjoyed this short.  Hope you all have a chance to see it certainly not a bad little film.

I don’t let my having a disability inhibit time from writing the films I like to share about so I hope this doesn’t take away from whom I am to you…

In fact here it is found a link on YouTube

Starring Steve Braden as Victim, Javier Morga as Sean, Simone Palmer as Sandy, Che Zon as Bobby.

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