Movies Galore takes a look at Michael J. Prosser’s “The Dividing Hour” from 2003 as it makes the claim was on Roger and Ebert’s top ten favorite indie film list!

Written By David Strege


Working under the production company Play Ground Films distributed with Indie Films in 2003 is Director Mike Prosser’s “The Dividing Hour.” It was also supposedly on Roger and Eberts top ten Indie Film list supposedly…

A man is dreaming of a boat rowing with a skull talking about almost cutting himself with the water…

With horrible sound To the film making it somewhat muffled, a group of four freinds Josh, Zach, William and Dean are on their way to Seattle to meet up with a girl named Sherryl. Of course there is always that annoying freind and stoner… being Dean… Seems at the rest stop back aways one of them had a taste for a golden arm… which made him fall asleep and turnover their car…

Along the road a dude in a truck named Al picked the boys up and took em to a house up the road to have them use the phone. The house itself looks unfinished… but apparently once they get up to the house a young woman in a dated dress greets them by the name of Dawn.  Phone is out dated and dead so for the short time they are stuck.


We learn that Josh and Zachary lost their sister and parents in a car crash… And strange things begin to happen… first food appears where it wasn’t in a fridge, a figure was in the woods then wasn’t and a man sits and stares an open stare…

Meanwhile Josh has a dream in the woods that his bother may be dying and is chased by an imaginary enemy. Asthe film goes on Dean reminds me a little of The Fonz but more of a douche than class.

Josh ends up going off to find a telephone and runs into Al again a happy go lucky trucker in the right place, right time.

I mean Dean is probably the most Rememberably as he’s high talking about the karma of Looney Tunes… but the film is so so terribly slow…

 I’m not so sure it was entirely my cup of tea the first time I watched this a year ago but there were some defining moments and is starting to slightly grow on me just the oddness of it all. All I know is I watched it with my fiancé and she didn’t like it lol.


I’m not sure whether to recommend this film at all but it’s the place I think you go before heaven or hell in “The Dividing Hour.”

There is a slight twist, a rape and some violence, as to why they go where they go I guess you’ll just have to watch it for yourself… as when they finally get to the creature it’s certainly lovecraftian with a bit of animation enjoy!

Starring Greg James as Dean, The Gimp as
Monster, Brad Goodman as Peter, Jillian Hodges as Dawn, Jay Horenstein as Al, Garrett Pool as Face in the water, Brian Prosser as Zach, Michael J. Prosser as Josh, Max Yoakum as Lewis.

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