Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago director Ricardo Islas’ feature “The Zombie Farm” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


 Working with Maxim Entertainment and Paradigm Pictures Ricardo Islas returns to the horror field once again with “The Zombie Farm” a Latino Zombie Film this is actually the first film of his I came across and is not to be confused with Brian Barsuglia’s Zombie Farm either.

So it looks like a man comes home drunk and beats his wife Ana (Munoz), which then is when several women tell their stories of abuse to camera woman Pilar Franco (Catano) whose supposed to do a Latino cultured theme of video like with dancing or something…


While at home she watches an advertising for a funky looking infomercial on a local healer guru scam artist Roque (Montesinos) as it appears the strange is about to get stranger…

As well the woman from the beginning comes to Roque for help he can not give so instead goes to see a macumba whom giver her a potion in a drink that kills her husband and brings him back as an undead Ghoul.


Meanwhile Roque seams to get under Pilars skin and calls off helping create an infomercial for his Scam.  Things get even more twisted when Ana is haunted by her dead husband when she knows she saw him die when she came for Roques help again they went on the run.


Pillar on the other hand realized what trouble they were in and came to help as they found out unwillingly that the woman of Macumba was running a farm of controlled Zombies…

I actually thought that this was a unique story, I also felt the dialogue between Pillar and Roque was quite humorous and entertaining even though I thought it a little odd from con man/ to charm.  I think the voodoo Macomba lady was certainly a different character for the fact that woman’s roles don’t always take the form of evil as a psychotic leader.

I think and feel that this film comes in second so far under Ricardo’s To Kill A Killer if that’s too much to tell about it oh well. It’s not that it scared or terrified I feel it was more work towards a dialogue that can be likeable I mean Roque isn’t or wasn’t exactly masculine in muscles if you know what I mean?

I certainly recommend seeing at least a once time around you have to be an idiot if you don’t enjoy something from this feature. Enjoy!


Starring Adriana Cataño as Pilar Franco, Nadia Rowinsky as Mana Luna, Khotan Fernandez as Antonio (as Khotan), Monika Munoz as Ana Maria, Roberto Montesinos as Roque, Eduardo Ibarrola as Senor Augustin, Mariana Da Silva as Sonia (as Mariana Rivieri), Nair Kuzmik as Ligia, Eric Le as Asian Zombie, Eugene Kwarteng as Zombie for Mama Luna, Robbie Bush as TV Executive, Karla Garcia as Reporter, Kenneth ‘Cumbo’ Taylor as Man with Tarzan Hat, Mark Buford as Bus Driver, Gloria Breaux as Dona Angela, Carl Cox as
Grandson, Rubens Mesa as Forencic Scientist, Ricardo Islas as Senior, Rosa Isela Frausto as Abused woman 3, Yvonne Nieves as Abused woman 2, Radica Radovic as Abused woman 1.

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