Movies Galore takes a look at Scifi/Horror anthology “Hobo With A Trash Can” by Directors Mark Charles Adams, Tonja Atomic, Lloyd Emmons, Steven Grainger, Christopher Kahler, Kyle Leonard, Claire ‘Fluff’ Lewellyn, and Vincent Marshall from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So now My Galoreans I’m finally getting to some of the films I’ve been wanting to review some since forever but last year I’d come across this little micro budget and in the back of my mind thought I was going to pick up a copy then but lo and behold a couple of weeks ago finally bought a copy.

“Hobo With A Trashcan” from Bloody Brit Productions is just as goofy as the title suggests but as it’s an Anthology which is normally a collection of short films drawing normally from a theme or title story, director Christopher Kahler plays the main character Hobo of the main film where all these other films are connected with in a city in the segment  “Welcome To Retroville.”

So the film starts out with this animation not that unlike you would see in front of an arcade game people dancing to trippy out of this world weird music before it zeros in on a hobo pushing a shopping cart.

In “Welcome To Retroville” directed by Claire “Fluff” Llewellen a typical homeless man is searching through trashcans and scrounging for food but each item he comes across is connected in some way shape or form to the stories about to unfold…


The the segment “Frying Saucer” directed by Christopher Kahler the hobo is hit in the head with a frying pan and goes into what looks like an epileptic seizure but has a vision of a stay at home wife of a business man whom seems to have created a frying pan that works wonders made from you guessed it, outerspace…

In the segment “Grab Bag” directed by Steven Grainger, the hobo has another episode while some cops put a bag over his head as they’ve arrested him under suspicion of murder while in this vision a small midget man goes around feeding an unknown master that lives inside a grocery bag…

In the Segment “Condomdemned” directed by Lloyd Emmons and Kyle Leonard, the hobo picks up a dirty condom and has a vision of a kid in need of money who goes to a guy who gives him a camera to watch him go on a date with a girl named Crystal and film the whole thing only Crystal is dying to see him… and that he is just a patsy…

In the segment “The Apple That Bit Back” directed by Mark Charles Adams the hobo finds an apple in the cell he’s being kept in as he takes a bite has another vision… a couple of room mates with british accents are watching an action film and talking about fruit when apple decides to go on a killing spree…

In the segment “The Hungry Ghost” directed by Tonjia Atomic after touching some thrown away Chinese food the hobo has another vision of young man in a hoodie as he interrupts a crap game of poker that’s going on in a Chinese restaurant only heads will roll not dice…

And in the final segment “Dr. Hanger” directed by Vincent Marshall a girl goes in to have a back door abortion…

Now as I understand it each of these directors were pretty much given a buck to come up with an item then film around the item and fit it to the main storyline. I feel like the three strongest tales were “Grab Bag” , “The Apple That Bit Back” and ” The Hungry Ghost” there was absolutely some comedy portrayed in “The Apple That Bit Back” that is corny enough and weird enough it fits. My only problem with the anthology was a spot where the hobo (Chris) was in daylight when he supposedly had the vision when he was sleeping in the kept room he was in so was he dreaming he had a vision? I wasn’t sure but ithink they all just had fun putting this together on an almost no budget.

I think that filming together with other directors is also a way of therapy as the short film is hard to sometimes sell as a whole they are better equipped with ending up in an anthology such as this.  To me you cant go in expecting a million bucks just enjoy this for what it is a fun twisted way of looking for truth.  I certainly Recommend this film at least once in your life… and see if you can see aliens… enjoy!

Starring Marc Arturi as Elliot Goodfellow (segment “Frying Saucer”), Tonjia Atomic as Sad Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Don Ayers as Sandwich Eating Guy (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), James Baack as Men in Black 1 (segment “Frying Saucer”), Yuri Barcenas as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Jay Blyth as
Jay (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Tina Boivin as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Christina ‘Million’ Brown as Mad Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Troy Burnett as Dr. Hanger (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Ron Clark as Punk Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Anthony Cooney as Men in Black 2 (segment “Frying Saucer”), Amber Rose Cowles as Emmy Andrews (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Ed Critchley as Eddy (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Michael Crowley as Smug Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Joe DeBartolo as
Chief Bullock (segment “Frying Saucer”)(segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Kathryn DeChicio as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Catherine Dennis as
Rosie Cheeks (segment “Frying Saucer”), William Hawk Edwards as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Jordan Emmons as “kid walking by” (segment “CondomDemned”), Michael Fritz as
Lefty (segment “Grab Bag”), Steve Galayda as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), Adam Gibson as Black Anton (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Sandy Gulliver As Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), John Helfrich as
Ray (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Greg Johnson as Carlo (segment “Frying Saucer”), Christopher Kahler as Bo (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Frank Kam as
Detective Harry Bent (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Michael Katzenberger as
Bill (segment “Frying Saucer”), Keith Kelly as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Brian Kinkade as Brian / Ted (segment “CondomDemned”), Lillian Lamour as Martha Glock (segment “Welcome to Retroville”)(segment “Frying Saucer”), Richmond Law as Head Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Josh Leonard as “J” Josh (segment “CondomDemned”), Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn as Mindy Goodfellow (segment “Frying Saucer”)(segment “Welcome to Retroville”), June Llewellyn as Mum (segment “Frying Saucer”), Shauna Marshall as Campaign Manager (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Kari Mayo as Miss Greiner (segment “Frying Saucer”), Janet Mayson as Norma (segment “Frying Saucer”), DC McAuliffe as Home Chef (segment “Frying Saucer”), Michael McCune as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), John McDonnell as Fried food consumer (segment “Frying Saucer”), Crystal McElroy as Crystal (segment “CondomDemned”), Sarah L. Morgan as
Emergency services #2 (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Thom Oswald as
Al (segment “Frying Saucer”), Edwin Park as Waiter (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Donovan J. ‘Chocobunny’ Poole as Black Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Steven Powell as Emergency services #1 (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Andy Rich as Officer Bobby Penn (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Alexandra Roach as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Mike Rocha as Evil Little Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Schätze as Stray alley dog (segment “Welcome To Retroville”), Cassandra Sechler as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Rob Sepulveda as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), Phil Stephenson as Dr. Marks (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Joyce Swolley as
Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Kelli Tidmore as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Vivian Tolar as Little Girl (segment “Grab Bag”), Hannah Walker as
Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Beth Zurkowski as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”).

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