Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago director Ricardo Islas feature “Lockout” from 2006!

Written by David Strege


Not to be confused with Chicago director Ricardo Islas returned to us in 2006 working with Alpha Studios to horror distributed through SGL Entertainment with a film titled “Lockout.”

So the film begins as a man is driving along a rural highway out to a deserted place where he thought he was working…

The man is talking to someone on the way and as he pulls up he calls out to a Mr. O’Neal, no answer… resumes his way through the home to the basement… an arm falls down we see the man scream into the rolling credits…


Still weirder Dan follows the same woman who scared Chris into the home of a blind man which ends up a homicide, taking call girl to a spooky level… not only that but Dan picks up a hitchhiker whom turns into a bloodied body after passing a certain point in the road… leaving dan in a state of shock.

I think that if this film didn’t seem like it was filmed at times seems like it’s certainly not widescreen so your watching it in a box-like shape making it look like the film is stretched which could turn one off, I believe it definitely has an eerie vibe though… I also believe that the change to a few Asian actresses was a nice touch bringing diversity into the mix.

Will Dan and his family be able to handle the fear and the strange woman who invades their home while Dan is still wrapped up in his own vision of things… how can one help his family if he is so very scared himself… I definitely recommend to see this feature as I think it has its own twists used with suggestive horror, almost Gaillo. Enjoy!

Dan (Desautels) is in the office of The Boss (Carmona) where he is told that he is fired as it seems they have no use for him as he doesn’t speak Spanish And can’t relocate even though he’s been with the company for years… there is a moment captured where Dan looks into the face of a homeless man as I think it’s not whom he wants to become.

Chris (Dulay) Dan’s Wife’s sister is a dominatrix by trade almost sick of being the fetish of fat businessmen’s dreams. So Dan suggests that the family moves to rural Wisconsin.  Obviously a big move on everyone it is unsettling…

They arrive at what looks like the house from the beginning of the film in early afternoon. Dan checks the home and in the basement notices a leak.  Meanwhile Chris has brought some drug paraphernalia out along with her vibrator as she oddly masturbates to her parents making love.

Strange things are beginning to happen like Chris gets a client that is already being tortured by another…

While dan is engrossed with the leak in the basement… Dan’s Wife ignores Chris’s desperate call for help. Someone seems to be following Chris. I think what’s weird is the town seems somewhat desolate of people…

Starring Kris Desautels as Dan, Cyn Dulay as Chris, Claire Lanay as Rowena (as Claire Davenport), Jenny Sanchez as The Killer Woman, Max Da’Silva as The Blind Man, Salomón Carmona as The Boss, Spirit Phipps as The Hitchhiker, Bryan Turner as
Plumber, Chris Margetis as Detective 1, Bato Prostran as Detective 2, Franco Reins as The Doctor, Pat Germano as Rowena’s Client, Ruby Gonzalez as Pharmacist 1, Nancy Gonzalez as Nurse, Antonio Zúñiga as Pharmacist 2, Ivan Rodriguez as Upset Driver, Lori Ann Gerdisch as Mrs. Bennett, Veronica Balingit as Dan’s Mother, Julia Marcos as The Secretary, Ruth Terefe as
Woman in Coffee Shop, Jennifer Volium as
Dan’s Real Wife, Matt Vitiritti as Little Dan, Conan Simmons as Homeless Man, Marina Muzychenko as Dan’s Real Sister in Law, Penny Zurbrigg as Mom in Parking Lot, Giuliana Islas as Little Girl in Parking Lot (as Giuliana Ayala), Kashiram Patel as
Deli’s Owner.

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