Movies Galore takes a look at Director Emir Skolanja’s “Confessions Of A Homicidal Prostitute

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Director Emir Skolanja of Fox Trot Productions and Producer Sean Patrick Saramak as well as another film that will come out with Daniel Koehnen’s Underground Gorellector Films Soft Case Dvd Edition in the next coming months…


So a prostitute played by Kay Baun has an abusive pimp and a fucked up life of giving men her body, so she sits down and tells all as we are taken on journey of retrospective of how this young women is turned into a sadistic killer.

First we see an amount of what kind of relationship she has with her pimp when she doesn’t come back with money he beats her continuously… after a thorough beating one day she snaps and kills a customer, ripps his insides out, proceeds to eat a bit of his intestines then wears his face skin as she goes after her pimp next… and so on and so on…


This is definitely a revenge/torture kind of gore I can see that Kay Baun is really getting into her role.  As she goes from electric screwdrivers to saw blades on her intended victims…in a sence she becomes the first female killer driller…

Though the telling of this film is slow I think and feel it works for this prostitutes’ tale.  I think it takes some balls to say everything like what you did was actually just a normal everyday life.  I actually think the best scene is the last victim where I think and feel shows her most psychotic side as you can personally feel that she’s truly flipped her lid.


I feel this has a place out there I’m sure there are so many women that have lead this kind of life and wanted to take and try to get out of said life by taking out all the pimps and tricks in their lives…

I enjoyed it for what it is and hope you all enjoy it when it comes out! I’d recommend it.

“We’ll teach them, We’ll teach them the right way to treat women.”

Starring Kay Baun as Homicidal Prostitute, Krystal Shenk, Kara Rollins, Adam S. Litton , Michael Balch as Pimp, Rob Mattison, Al “Fattie King” Baker as Customer, Joe LaMattina

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