Movies Galore takes a look at Director Alberto Barone’s first Exploitation short film “Gelosia – Vendetta D’ Amore” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by director Alberto Barone’s first short film working with Ingravisione Productions for 2017 coming all the way from Germany baby!

A young woman is being wheeled on a stretcher, head bandaged, lips red…  given smelling salts and grabs the nurse to whisper words…We then hear the thoughts of a man claiming he can’t look at his wife anymore because of the way she looks let alone an erection.. as we then see a preist getting a blowjob then pegging a nun…

As I realize exactly what I’m watching is the sexual perverted fantasies of a man having to deal with a disfigured wife after an accident almost like Sin City and Erotic Grindhouse have a sex orgy and created this love child… I think this’ll be a definitely crazy hit as there are many, and I mean many visuals that will satisfy as well as humoresque in its nature of its telling.  Wicked and fun in one kit and caboodle enjoyed it extremely and recommend seeing! It’s also related to horror for the fact of his erotic doings have been found out by his victimized and dumped wife, did I tell you that the German language can also sound sexy! If coming to a festival near you… definitely go see enjoyed it!

Starring Milton Welsh, Manoush, Kristina Kostiv, Tara Rubin, Lana Vegas, Alexa Van Unique.

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