Movies Galore of Milwaukee takes a look at Director Emir Skolanj’s feature “The Plague” from 2016

Written by David Strege


Fox Trot productions Director Emir Skolanja brings us another film originally distributed with Legless Corpse Films and as well will be distributed with Daniel Koehnen’s Underground Gorellector Film’s DVD Softbase Editions of The Plague, Flesh of My Flesh, The Butcher and Emir’s Newest film “Confessions of A Homicidal Prostitute.”


Using the help of visual aides such as pictures and hazmat suits as well as a clip from a protest about danger to Children from environmentalists the film takes place in Love Canal, Naigra Falls, NY.

A couple Jill (Metzger) and Jack (MacDonald) are practicing shooting having a blast teaching one another… next a grownup brother Tom (Ruiz) and sister Becky ( Nicole Skolanja) have a meal together chatting about their love lives…


There’s also a religious zealot (Snug) reading I believe from revelations whence we first see him… there is also a random Mercenary Søldier  off killing Zombies as they carry their detached organs roaming around… running into Jill and Jack as they run from the undead victim of theirs returned from the dead somehow they meet up with Becky and Tom in an endgame with the political babbling Religious Zealot which I believe?  Brought out Emir’s political beliefs without saying whose side he’s on truthfully.  There was a lot of hate going on both sides this last election so I believe The Plague is part political statement part Zombie film but also a chance to watch the wife play a role :).


Did I enjoy the film? I think it had its moments.  The make up was great the action was kind of slow on the pick up and there were long moments but I see the kind of film Emir created.  I think for a long time people believe there will be something like this in the end… Ali did and I didn’t I’m on the fence I did enjoy the viewing of it.

I think his strongest Character was Becky though she was pretty fearsome with her Knife.

I wonder will you visit Love Canal, Naigra Falls, NY anytime soon? I do recommend more action in the Sequel Emir. Enjoy! Reguardless I think Emir as a film maker is growing in talent.

Starring Kay Baun as Zombie, Kailyn Burke as Zombie, Greg Hinaman as Zombie, Fattie King as Zombie, Adam Litton as
Mercenary Soldier, Rob Mattison as Zombie, Joshua McDonald as Jack, Devon Metzger as Jill, Lori Dolan Meyer as Zombie, David Michael Monk as Zombie, Mary Monk as Zombie, Cecily Rodriguez as
Zombie, Rich Ruiz as Tom, Krystal Shenk as Zombie, Nicole Skalonja as Becky, Jason Snug as Religious Zealot.

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