Movies Galore takes a look at Director Emir Skolanja’s feature “The Butcher” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Working under Fox Trot Productions with Welsh Dragon Films, and Sean Patrick Saramak and Extreme Horror Cinema “The Butcher” was Originally distributed with Legless Corpse Films but now no longer and believe in the next few months will be Distributed underneath Underground Gorellectors Films in a Clamshell softcase Edition very soon… that being said…

The film opens into what appears to be a torture room in Buffalo as we here a news cast interview describe what a psychologist describes “The Butcher’s” Behavior as the camera pans in on a hooded figure sharpening a knife with a scarred face…


A young woman awakens tied as we see tools, a gloved hand and the back of our killer in question (Sean Saramak), and looks like he’s wearing a mask made of skin and a butchers apron as he clubs her upside her head with the tang of his weapon of choice.

Meanwhile Lori (Meghan Saramak) is with her Gay friend Mickey (Thrift) as he suggests for her to do some online dating while “The Butcher” on the other hand selects a second victim…


The Second Vic. wakes up same as the first only this time instead of silence we here “The Butcher” talking to his victim start to threaten her then chokes her violently…

Lori on the other hand goes on her first date and explains that her job is as county Coroner, I wonder how that would go over lightly that you examine dead people on a date anyhow hehe.

You can’t put this feature in your normal sense of a slasher as theres definitely more gore and torture but you can certainly classify it in a home invasion of a serial kind of Butchery.


Horror fans these days just want to see how many ways a person can get chopped up in little bits and pieces as Skolanja almost tampers into Snuff Film territory.  That taboo SOV that that almost seems real but isn’t.


Sean Patrick Saramak certainly seams to get into his role as a mentally unstable killer as he seems to talk to himself as well as hear things not even screamed or said…

I believe there was a moment in the kitchen I noticed Meghan Saramak who played Lori messed up on one line but that can be overlooked as that seems to be the only part I saw a fuck up but other than this I think the gore fans will be impressed.  I’m not sure whether I should say whether I enjoyed this film but it certainly isn’t unwatchable if you get into this type of film.  Certainly entertaining what do you think?


Starring Kay Baun as Katie, Elizabeth Becker as Victim #2, Sam Jindra as Meghan, Joshua McDonald as Steven Vickers, Devon Metzger as Meredith Jackson, Meghan Saramak as Lori, Sean Patrick Saramak as Bill / The Butcher, Nicole Skalonja as Victim #1, Bill Smith as
Chad, Richard Thrift as Gay Mickey.

You’ll be able to purchase from Daniel Koehnen’s



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